Whoever said suede is just for gloves was probably smoking something. Just as SeaVees proves, the material is just as excellent for kicks. They’re new Legend sneakers, the proof we’re talking about, is gloriously decked in smooth, subtle cowhide, then finished to perfection.

The suede sits atop a rubber sole that makes the shoes both comfortable and aesthetically alluring, and it adds durability and style to what’s an already classy-looking pair. Topping it all off are nylon laces that make them an everyday streetwear staple.

For SeaVees, there’s nothing terribly shocking about the SeaVees Legend. They’re still highly representative of the brand from heel to toe: casual, laid-back, chic. But not all companies need to change so drastically so fast. So it’s a good thing that SeaVees is sticking to what it does best, if it didn’t we wouldn’t have their gorgeous kicks from season to season.

As such, the SeaVees Legend Wintertide Ecru sneakers, as they’re properly called, feature the silhouette and wearability SeaVees fans are already familiar with, but with the addition of the aforementioned durable upper that keeps things robust yet not sacrifice the style. You’re also getting gum rubber soles for a bit of panache, and with that, the shoes will make you look good in any type of party, be it as casual as a backyard BBQ, or as fancy and formal as your white-collar office.

The best part? They’re fairly inexpensive for shoes this stylish. For just $92, you can have a pair of cool-looking suedes that’ll blend well with a lot of clothing options.