If you want up your desk game, you should check out Sean Woolsey’s latest addition. Its smart desk, at first glance, doesn’t look like most options on the market today. Designed to blend with most office environments, it boasts a chic, svelte profile with American Black Walnut Wood that screams modern.

Beyond just looks, however, the desk is designed to help you work a lot more productively. Most significant of its feature set is an integrated wireless charging surface, allowing you to plop your phone down and let it load up as you work. What ff your phone doesn’t support wireless charging? No problem. There are cable slots in both the left and right drawers for wired charging, too.

The desk also features a cable management system underneath. It boasts a surge protector with six outlets and two USB ports for all your devices. Within the right drawer, you’ll find a magnetized power unit. And there’s also a black walnut desk accessory organizer to utilize either in a drawer or on the desktop.

Sean Woolsey thought about the noise while designing this desk, which is why the company added an electric dual motor system. It runs smoothly and effortlessly, and makes very little noise, on top of which. There’s a remote that includes four stop locations for you to set your preferred height. There’s also a motor for anti-collision and safety.

It seems the only downside is there are no USB Type-C ports to be found, now largely the preferred port of most modern phones. A minor blemish, surely, but one that could break this deal for you. Hit the link below for more details.


Photos courtesy of Sean Woolsey Studio