For the 2024 Bike Shed Motoshow, Ducati’s Centro Stile team presented two cool concepts based on its Scrambler. The duo have been christened the CR241 and RR241, respectively — each with a distinct motif that clearly conveys what inspired the build. Given the impressive capabilities of the donor machines, the bespoke aesthetics curated in-house enhance their appeal.

With a bit of elbow grease, tools, parts, and perseverance in the craft, motorcycle enthusiasts typically work on personal projects with barely any publicity. Eventually, some do make it big after they’ve established a solid reputation in the moto industry. Meanwhile, the Italian marque showcases a double dose of what’s possible.

The visionaries over at Ducati have a leg up over everyone given their access to the manufacturer’s available resources. The CR241 is described as “the natural evolution of the 2017 Scrambler of the same name. Taking us back in time, its design evokes the motorcycles that made history in British venues in the 60s.”

A sleek fairing rendered in light bronze adorns the body of the bike with custom graphics and hints of red. The CR241 Scrambler sports a combined silhouette that reminds us of the 750 SS and Pantah. Meanwhile, the RR241 is an ode to post-apocalyptic themes in cinema with its simple yet configuration.

Its naked tank provides the rider with spaces on each flank for panniers and other storage systems.  Ducati Centro Stile then leaves the Scrambler’s aluminum components in full view. “The rear side suitcase and high-passage Termignoni exhaust accentuate the tracker look that defines this concept, complemented by tires and a front fender that enable the vehicle to tackle any type of terrain,” reads the press details.

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Images courtesy of Scrambler Ducati