When a scooter gets its inspiration from the car world you know it’s going to be a bit of alright. The Aktivo Scoot showcases some fine details and some finer electric power in a mash up of performance and elegance.

Its stand-alone frame made from magnesium and Hubless wheels are rocketed along by the world’s most powerful electric motor ever fitted onto a scooter of this kind. To be exact, the market’s most powerful product makes use of a 1000W electric motor delivering remarkable torque output. All this power won’t make you lose your composure as you keep full control of this boy-toy-come-scooter with a range of detailed speed controls, ceramic brakes and braking lights.

Also gone are the days when you flew down the hill, only to traipse back up to relive the rollercoaster. Every minute is a rollercoaster with this scooter as it can handle slopes of up to 20 degrees. More fun to be had.

It’s an ideal option for the weekdays too. For the city man on the move needing to get from the office to the gym and to the station in quick time, it can be a convenient alternative. The Scoot can even be folder for when you hit that peak rush on public transport, so you don’t annoy people with your bulky luggage or annoy them with your better taste in gadgets.

Meet Aktivo