When this pandemic is over you might want to book a flight to Amsterdam for an experience in the floating village. The Schoonschip House is the latest addition to the number of floating houses that found their home on the water.

Living close to the water is an outdoor junkie’s dream. The view of the sea, the lake, or the ocean is incomparable. But living close to the water does not have to mean living off-grid too. Space & Matter envisioned an entirely new neighborhood in the canals of Amsterdam with floating houses that rely on sustainable means.

The Schoonschip House, by i29 architects, is designed as such. It uses ambient energy and water for use and re-use. It recycles nutrients to minimize waste and thus creating a space for natural biodiversity. The house has a pitched roof and diagonal interior for space optimization.

This floating house has an open-area design and comprises three floors connected by staircases. It boasts a loggia terrace just above the water level and a basement that offers direct water level views. Meanwhile, the living room gives a good view of the surroundings and the kitchen on the top floor provides the south and north side views of the canal.  The top floor also has an open terrace that looks out to the harbor in the west.

The Schoonschip House boasts a stained-dark timber-clad exterior and interior wood and glass furnishings. There is enough glass used in windows, doors, and ceilings to allow natural light in. This house is very energy efficient as it uses solar panels for power and uses heat delivered from water pumps that extract warmth from the canal water.

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Images courtesy of Space & Matter