Whether you are buying a ring for yourself or looking for a stand-out piece of jewelry for the man in your life, there are so many options to consider that it can be overwhelming at first.

Thankfully with stylish and desirable sapphire rings of many shapes and designs, you can narrow down your options a little without compromising on quality.

If a sapphire ring fits in with your own aesthetic tastes, here are just a few of the configurations to consider buying.

Wedding bands

The right sapphire men’s wedding band can make a special day even more memorable, and will also prove that women are not the only ones who get to have fun and showboat with their matrimonial rings.

From simpler, single-stone rings that are subtle enough to suit a more casual style, to bands that pair sapphires with diamonds for a more glitzy, head-turning effect, the world is your oyster and tastes of all types are catered to.

You can also mix things up with the material that the band itself is made of; whether you prefer the twinkle and shine of white gold and silver, or want to go all-out with platinum, the availability of personalized sapphire wedding rings for men makes anything possible.

Signet rings

Another enduringly popular type of male jewelry is the signet ring, dating back to the times when sealing letters with wax embossed with your family crest was part of everyday life. While the designs of signet rings have evolved in line with changing styles as well as technologies, the principle appeal of these pieces remains in place.

Signet rings adorned with one or more sapphires will make a great gift for a man who wants to hark back to the past while also facing the future with open arms. This is also a nice way of spicing up what might otherwise be a fairly understated ring, as the deep, delicious blues of sapphire gems can turn heads from across a crowded room.

Other sapphire jewelry for men

Rings are not the only kind of jewelry featuring sapphires that are ideal for men, irrespective of the personal style they might be cultivating.

For example, you can grab impressive sapphire cufflinks that are perfect for putting the finishing touches on a suit or tuxedo worn for a very special occasion. Indeed cufflinks come in even more varied designs than rings, and as well as cool and classic options, there are plenty of alternatives that add a bit of novelty to proceedings. Cufflinks that use sapphires to pick out the stars and stripes of the American flag, or adorn dollar symbols, are just a couple of enjoyable examples.

No matter what sapphire ring you pick for him, or for yourself, be sure to consider how well it gels with the overall style and wardrobe of the individual in question. This is a great way to ensure that your gift is well received, rather than destined to be returned.