Movie posters are always great keepsakes especially if we have those from our favorites. They remind us of the fun we had watching the film and take us back to scenes and plot in the movie. Likewise, they make great displays at home. Sandgrain Studio have a selection of these movie posters from timeless classics including “Scarface,” “American Psyco,” and “Goodfellas” to name a few. They also have posters of scenery, abstract artwork, and from recent films and TV shows including Guy Ritchie’s “The Gentlemen” and Netflix’s hit show “Stranger Things.” But one of our favorites is “The Godfather” poster. 

It boasts clean shapes, dark bold colors, and a seemingly lifelike take of lead actor Marlon Brando. This artwork will make a fine gift for movie aficionados or those who want to add a touch of vintage art to their home display. It is printed using a premium giclée process on thick artisan paper to preserve the ink.

Sandgrain Studio’s “The Godfather” poster is reimagined in a minimalist mid-century style. It boasts a vintage aesthetic with its thick matte finish and high color and contrast. This artwork makes the perfect addition to your home theater. It also looks great displayed in the hallway, the bar, or given as a unique gift. It would also look great in the office or the living room.

Made in San Antonio, TX, Sandgrain Studio’s “The Godfather” poster does not come with its own frame. It comes in three size options including 24” x 36″, 12 x 18″, and 16 x 24″.

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Image courtesy of Sandgrain Studio