Since their inception in 1966, Ford Broncos have held their own against all comers in the arena of 2-door, multipurpose utility vehicles. Through careful restomoding, the eponymously-named Ohio company Classic Ford Broncos takes the iconic off-road vehicle to new heights of function and elegance.

This is the ‘Coyote Bronco’ that Classic Ford Broncos has named ‘San Francisco’ ($Inquire). She originated as a 1974 donation vehicle. Restoration included the setting of a new Coyote 5.0 engine coupled with a five-speed manual transmission. The company demonstrated their love of the classic Ford Bronco look by maintaining the long wheelbase as well as the headlight bezels.

If you’re wondering about the delicious looking blue paint, it’s called ‘Brittany’ and was chosen to compliment the brown leather seats inside. More Brittany Blue can be found around the dashboard. Under the removable soft-top, the black framework of the roll cage balances the BF Goodrich mud terrain tires. With a high ground clearance, this Bronco is ready to race anywhere with the herd. Hear how she roars in the video below