Now that the entire Galaxy S23 series is out in the open, people can finally choose the variant that would suit their needs. Since the launch of the Galaxy S22 lineup, the Galaxy Note has been redesignated as the Ultra and it also applies to the latest release. However, Samsung is catering to automotive enthusiasts once again with the Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition.

This is not the first fancy collaboration by the South Korean tech firm with other brands. Its previous partnership was with luxury fashion label Thom Browne for the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold2. Prior to these, the company also had several tie-ins that were highly exclusive at the time.

Unfortunately, the Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition will not get an international release. Moreover, it’s only limited to 1,000 units. We can already tell these will fetch a huge premium in the resale market once everything sells out. If you’re wondering what this smartphone is all about, here are the details from Samsung.

Internally, the device packs the same specifications as the regular model. Samsung makes up for it via a customized boot-up, wallpapers, and accessories. The source of inspiration for its makeover is the M3 E30. The Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition ships inside a box with a top cover shaped like the hood of the German coupe with the iconic kidney grille.

In the box, you’ll find the 12 GB RAM and 512 GB storage trim of the Smartphone and a special BMW-themed case. Moreover, the package also includes a keychain with interchangeable BMW logos, a poster, a photo book, a wireless charger, an analog clock, a rechargeable air compressor, and more goodies. Are you ordering the Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition?

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Images courtesy of Samsung/BMW