Earlier this year, Samsung’s reveal of its new Galaxy lineup might have officially killed off the Note. Many praised the move since the only notable difference it offered was the S-Pen. Last week, the South Korean tech group unveiled its next batch of flagship devices. We now have the Z Flip 4, Z Fold 4, and the Watch 5.

Despite the tepid adoption of gadgets with folding displays, it seems Samsung and a bunch of other Android OEMs are still on board the flexible panel craze. As with its previous iterations, the latest installments introduce a set of upgrades and improvements to make the user experience outstanding.

Galaxy Z Fold 4

We wouldn’t call this a range-topper since this caters to a specific type of user. Samsung designs this handset for folks who want a smartphone with a classic candy bar form factor but can also turn it into a tablet. With each successive generation, the hinge mechanism undergoes changes to make it lighter yet remain as durable as ever.

It’s packing a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 with 12 GB of RAM and three internal storage options. Buyers can pick from 256 GB, 512 GB, and 1 TB. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 has a 6.2” AMOLED front panel and a flexible 7.6” AMOLED touchscreen inside. Both tout a buttery-smooth 120 Hz refresh rate.

The inner display no longer features a camera cutout but opts for an under-display unit, which is rated at 4 megapixels only. The rear section of its outer shell flaunts a 50 MP wide-angle, a 12 MP ultra-wide-angle, and a 10 MP telephoto, while the front-facing shooter is also at 10 MP. Finally, you have a 4,400 mAh battery.

Galaxy Z Flip 4

Next on the list is the more pocket-friendly foldable. This is a wonderful option for nostalgic users of clamshell handsets in the past. Much like its bigger sibling, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is packing the same powerful processor, but RAM is much lower at 8 GB. Storage options, meanwhile, are 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB.  Display size, on the other hand, is a 6.7” flexible AMOLED inside and a 1.9” AMOLED on the outside.

Like the Z Fold 4, these also boast a 120 Hz refresh rate. Imaging chops show a 10 MP forward-facing sensor within the hole-punch cutout. However, you’ll want to take advantage of the 12 MP main and 12 MP ultra-wide on the cover and use the smaller display as a viewfinder for the best results. The battery is a 3,700 mAh unit. The hinge can also hold the upper half at any angle for more versatility.

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Samsung finally ditched Tizen when the Galaxy Watch 4 series came out. It switched to Wear OS and seems to have renewed consumer interest despite the battery life woes. So far, the latest version of the software runs better and is less power hungry. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro continues its partnership with Google and introduces some new stuff as well.

Those who prefer a smaller physical footprint can go for the Galaxy Watch 5, which is available in 40 mm and 44 mm. Nevertheless, the caveat here is the smaller battery. The Pro version only comes in a 45 mm titanium case with a sapphire crystal to protect its always-on display. Gone is the rotating bezel mechanism. It was a cool gimmick in older models, but its removal means fewer moving parts.

Battery life is supposedly enough for 80 hours of use but some of its optional features could shorten it. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro can monitor your heart rate, sleep, and blood oxygen levels. Furthermore, it can now sense body temperature as well. The latter feature is a welcome addition, especially with the ongoing concerns related to the pandemic. Samsung ships the wearable with a quick-release strap, so you can easily swap them out for your preferred type and style.

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Images courtesy of Samsung