What people envisioned for the future of personal flight is almost within our grasp. In the last few years, we’ve seen several concepts and working projects unveiled by both startups and leading names in various industries. So far, most of what we’ve seen are designed as eVTOLs. The Switchblade, however, is a welcome exception.

True to what concepts from the past proposed, Samson Sky engineers its platform with transforming capabilities. When it’s on the ground, the Switchblade looks like a sleek three-wheeler. Those with a background in aviation will agree that the aerodynamic body is similar to that of a private jet’s fuselage, albeit shorter.

Those who grew up watching the M.A.S.K. animated television series in the 1980s will be getting waves of nostalgia here. The Switchblade, as the name hints at, features retractable wings that fold outward from the front. Moreover, it also deploys a tail unit with horizontal and vertical stabilizers.

Samson Sky equips the Switchblade with a hybrid electric drive system it labels the Skybrid Technology. Its cabin can seat up to two people comfortably with ample storage space for luggage and other small cargo. Owners can drive it to their local airport and take flight from there.

On the road, this innovative machine can hit speeds of up to 125 mph. On the runway, it needs 1,100 feet to take off properly and 700 feet for landing. The Switchblade can hit a maximum airspeed of 200 mph and a cruising speed of 160 mph. Samson Sky says the maximum range is 450 miles. This flying sports will eventually have more trim packages clients can choose from.

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Images courtesy of Samson Sky