Large wallets are always handy to have around when you have cards aplenty and more to bring on the go. Now leather wallets are another thing but with the two combined, you’re guaranteed a lifetime of use. Take for instance Saddleback’s Big Leather Wallet.

This bifold wallet uses full-grain leather that develops its own patina over time so it ages gracefully. It also uses tough pigskin (stronger than cowskin) for its RFID-equipped liners. It is reinforced with a hidden tough polyester to prevent stretching. Then hand-sewn with strong marine-grade polyester thread, the ones used in parachutes and ship sails. The use of polyester ensures tenfold resistance to wear and tear. Suffice to say, this level of protection and durability is the reason why Saddleback backed this wallet with a 100-year warranty.

As for its functionality, Saddleback’s Big Leather Wallet can hold a max of seven cards. It even has a coin purse on the top right and space to hide bills or banknotes. On the left side is an ID window made without plastic as it eventually tends to crack, gets cloudy, and break. Then there is a slot to keep your passport and another for your business cards. In the middle is a space to keep a pen or pencil.

This wallet even comes with an outside pocket for things you want close at hand or for a quick stowaway. It closes securely with a leather strap. Regardless if you have this wallet full or not, it maintains its slim figure thanks to its carefully thought out design. Saddleback’s Big Leather Wallet is only compact and lightweight at 5″ x 9″ x 1″ and 1.00 lb, respectively.

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Images courtesy of Saddleback