The UM 8-Panel Fire Pit allows users to customize the intensity of the fire effectively in a few simple steps. It produces minimal smoke and offers easy cleanup thanks to the combination of an adjustable combustion system and optimized airflow.

This outdoor cooking tool lessens the manual effort in keeping the flames burning. Its 8-panel removable system when fully assembled, takes on a cylindrical shape that holds the wood and ashes in place. The panels all have strategically-placed holes at the base to ensure oxygen or air is properly channeled within for optimized airflow and superior combustion. 

The base then serves as the primary combustion source where air enters first and as the air heats up, it moves within the double-walled cavity of the stainless steel panels. It then gets expelled from the top holes, leading to a secondary combustion. The UM 8-Panel Fire Pit offers dual-combustion for unparalleled control over the fire. 

Removing a few panels lessen the heat intensity while using all maximizes output, which is useful for cooking or warming up in the cold. You can also have unobstructed fire view and see the flames dance using just three of four panels and the remaining panels act as reflectors to aim the warmth toward you.

Notably, the UM 8-Panel Fire Pit emits minimal smoke. Its efficient combustion system ensures a consistent supply of oxygen for a complete wood burn. “The heated air in the double-walled panels, when released from the top holes, further aids in reducing smoke, burning off many of the particulates that would typically form smoke.”

Made in Japan, the UM 8-Panel Fire Pit is crafted for both durable functionality and aesthetics.  The exterior black color on the panels is not paint but a result of a unique mill scale coating process that imparts a rustic charm that matures with use. Meanwhile, the interior is corrosion-resistant stainless steel that turns a rich bronze when heated.

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Images courtesy of UM