As all-electric powertrains gradually make their way into more types of transportation, they will eventually encompass all platforms. So far, the automotive space already has zero-emission coupes, sedans, SUVs, trucks, RVs, Semis, supercars, and hypercars. One designer proposes a concept called the Saab AeroStream Stage 2. The EV may look like a stretch limousine, but it’s not.

The long wheelbase suggests this machine is a chauffeur-driven model. In a sense, you can call it that, but with a stark difference. Instead of a human operator, an array of sensors and artificial intelligence takes over the wheel upon activation. The autonomous capabilities allow passengers to relax for the duration of their trip.

Bruno Arena endows the Saab AeroStream with a sporty silhouette. Its construction seems to use only a few body panels to optimize aerodynamics. The curvature of the rear section suggests a fastback profile, while the front gradually tapers to a flat edge to denote the bumper. A splitter and diffuser imply this EV is engineered for high performance.

Flared wheel arches almost wholly cover the rims, which helps minimize drag. A panoramic windshield wraps around the cockpit while a D-pillar supports the roof. The matte silver exterior of the Saab AeroStream gets some contrast from a black hood which sits under a transparent canopy.

You’ll also notice that this concept ditches the traditional side mirrors for a pair of rear-facing cameras. Arena did not provide any interior renders, but in some images, we can only see two seats. What bothers us though is the apparent lack of details regarding how people can enter and exit the Saab AeroStream.

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Images courtesy of Bruno Arena