The electric moto scene becomes even more thrilling in 2022 as established marques and startups unveil new projects. The latest player to enter the growing market is Ryvid with a futuristic model it calls the Anthem. Given it faces stiff competition from the likes of Zero Motorcycles and Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire, it needs to stand out.

It ships with a removable 4.3 kWh lithium-ion battery enough to power its swingarm-mounted motor for up to 75 miles. Depending on the power outlet’s voltage, it can fully recharge in six to three hours. Its zero-emission powertrain can output up to 53 lb-ft of torque and allow the Anthem to hit a top speed of 75 mph.

This green two-wheeler does so as its development is backed by advanced aerospace engineering. Many assume the process just requires an electric motor in place of a petrol engine and that’s about it. Nonetheless, company CEO Dong Tran and Chief product officer Mike Schumann believe they can do even better.

Both have worked on aviation platforms before and are ready to apply what they have learned to land-based motoring. Weight management not only applies to aircraft but cars and motorcycles too. Thus, Ryvid’s new ride touts a stainless-steel frame that only weighs 25 lbs. Even more remarkable is the Anthem’s total weight of only 240 lbs.

Nothing too flashy here as the construction mainly focuses on functionality. However, it does not mean the bike forgoes good looks. The metal chassis and body sport stylish cutouts to reduce mass yet retain structural integrity. It seems Ryvid intends to build the Anthem with modular characteristics as well. The Launch Edition will only see 1,000 examples available.

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Images courtesy of Ryvid