Russian Cold Camo has you covered with its lineup of products purposely crafted for the great outdoors. To be specific we want to highlight the VKBO Russian Military Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System. Men’s Gear believes that those who love to take on whatever nature throws their way should be equipped with the best gear. Thus, we have the opportunity right now to showcase this awesome product.

Experts will tell you that the outdoors can be an unforgiving foe if you do not gear up properly. Therefore, it is a rule of thumb to adequately prepare before you head out on an adventure. Whether it might be planned or unplanned, even the most advanced survival skills can only get you so far.

Nevertheless, with the help of products specifically designed for certain scenarios, you will have that peace of mind the moment you take that first step. The VKBO Russian Military Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System is a versatile modular apparel collection that can adapt to whatever the user requires.

Functionality, Purpose, And Story Behind It

As hinted by the name, this getup is intended to withstand low temperatures as chilly as +60 degrees F or even a teeth-chattering -40 degrees F. This makes it a great outfit for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hiking, and hunting in colder weather.

Meanwhile, when the season changes and starts to get warmer Russian Cold Camo also offers a Summer Field Dress. The VKBO Russian Military Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System is perfect for those who still want to keep the look without sacrificing comfort and breathability.

Basically, Russian Cold Camo understands what its discerning clientele want and is willing to give it to them. Everything has been tested for superior adaptability for both active or stationary activities. It is an impressive tribute to what the Russian military issues to their troops.

To add to its authenticity, the VKBO Russian Military Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System is manufactured by BTK Group and is legally imported from Russia. Despite what the brand name implies, the company is American and all of the products ship from the United States. Likewise, it’s worth noting that it does not source its products from the Russian government or military.

Russian Cold Camo is a family-owned business that strives to deliver top-notch gear for outdoor use. Headquartered in northwestern Wisconsin, the owners believe that Russian-made apparel for cold weather is one of the best and most affordable types out there.

VKBO Russian Military Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System Overview

Earlier we mentioned something about the modular nature of the products. Since we are talking about an outfit with remarkable insulation against the cold. Russian Cold Camo recommends that buyers start with the VKBO Layer 5 (a.k.a. the Demiseason Suit).

It retails for $119 and comes with free shipping. The rest of this 8-layer system is optional which you can buy separately. Owners can even mix and match items to create the ideal combination that will fit their needs. As such, we’re going to give a brief overview of what each one comes with and its construction.

First Layer: Long Underwear

This is a two-piece set that is fashioned from 100% polyester and helps draw moisture away from the skin. The material is quick to dry and is breathable for added comfort for the wearer

Second Layer: Fleece Undergarment

It may seem like the same thing as above, but the material it uses is a little different this time. It is made of 90% polyester and 7% spandex. Russian Cold Camo notes that it can be worn over the first layer in sub-zero temperatures. When worn on its own, it functions exactly like the item illustrated above.

Third Layer: Fleece Jacket

Users can wear it on its own or in combination with any of the two layers above. Made from 100% polyester, it functions as a heat-insulating jacket.

Fourth Layer: Windbreaker

With this on, the user can expect improved protection from sand, wind, and spray. It uses 2% elastane with 98% polyamide. This windbreaker flaunts dynamic ventilation and air exchange depending on the wearer’s activities.

Fifth Layer: In-Between-Season (Demiseason) Suit

Russian Cold Camo suggests that buyers start out with this set that includes a pair of pants, a windbreaker, and a cap. This is the Russian military’s main field dress for cold weather. It boasts high steam penetrability, improved water-resistance, and is quick-drying. It is made of 99% polyamide with 1% elastane.

Sixth Layer: Wind- And Water-Resistant Dress

Similar to the fifth, this outfit offers excellent water-resistance with the addition of waterproofed seams. It can practically protect the user from heavy downpours and still allow great air circulation. The elbows, seat, and knee sections are more reinforced for added durability. The 100% polyamide repels water with a PTFE membrane.

Seventh Layer: Insulated Vest

Also using 100% polyamide with a PTFE membrane lining, it works as an insulating layer that pairs with the fifth layer dress. It can work as an added thermal insulation if the sixth layer still does not cut it.

Eighth Layer: Cold Weather Dress

Now, this is the ultimate option for consumers who want to face extreme cold weather conditions. It uses 100% polyamide with the outer fabric resistant to snow, moisture, and the wind. The top-tier insulation system promises dependable heat retention as well.

VKBO Add-Ons And Accessories

The VKBO Russian Military Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System is perhaps the most comprehensive outdoor apparel collection we have seen. Moreover, on top of the various layers available, Russian Cold Camo also sells optional head protection products.

There is the familiar ski mask — the balaclava, which combines with the iconic Russian hat (Ushanka) to keep the users’ face, ears, and head warm and toasty. Likewise, there are mittens and wool gloves in the lineup with extra insulation.

Owners can use the Velcro sections to attach insignias and chevrons to customize it accordingly. Each VKBO kit ships with a special bag for easy storage and transportation with a tactical belt for use with additional equipment.

Making Your First Purchase From Russian Cold Camo

If the products detailed above are to your liking, you can place your orders online. Except for the layers that are in a set, buyers can always customize the VKBO Russian Military Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System to meet their requirements.


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Images courtesy of Russian Cold Camo