unning is great for increasing productivity, your mental wellbeing, a host of physical benefits, and more. It might cut some inches from your waistline, but we’d like to see you joggers add something to your waist as well. Whether you’re Forrest Gump or David Goggins, running belts for men are heavily needed in order to do your run right.

A running belt can be beneficial for hikers, rock climbers, and other adventure seekers. This is for a number of reasons. First, we must answer, what the heck are they? Running belts are skin-hugging belts that go around your waist when you exercise.

You might be wondering, what are they useful for, right?

Running belts for men have secured pockets to store everyday items that you need to take with you, but don’t want to hold as you run. Some are also capable of storing water bottles and other nutritional products.

We get that you’re busy guys, thus you haven’t got time to start researching the heaps of running belts for men currently being sold. That’s why your friends at Men’s Gear are here.

We’ve taken the legwork away and done all the running belt research you could imagine.

We sent the interns out on daily marathons and the rest of us did some Googling – okay, that’s not true! The interns did the googling too. Anyway, the result of the research was our knowledge about the true best 15 running belts for men. We can’t wait for you to see them.

Well, we kind of need to. Before we run through them, let’s answer some of your most common running belts FAQs.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Running Belts?

A running belt is mainly a convenience item that has the potential to enhance performance. It allows you to keep different items close at hand without needing to run with them in your hand or short pockets. The main benefits will depend on what items you’re using the belt to store.

Performance benefits:

You can use the belt to store water bottles, energy gels, or other nutritional supplements that all can improve your performance. Hydration and refueling are especially key for distance runners. Some belts can even store four bottles of water and energy gels at one time.

Unless you have four arms, the belt is going to be beneficial in keeping you hydrated and energized throughout your run.

Tracking performance:

Sometimes we like to track our progress as we get fitter and faster. No longer do we do this with a simple stopwatch. We now have many different smartphone apps that will give us much more detail about our runs with a sophisticated breakdown of how we did.

To get this information we need to run with our smartphones.

Running belts for men allow you to keep your smartphone on you and track your performance in a much safer and convenient way. Especially safer than simply running with it in your shorts’ pocket, banging against your thigh with each stride.

Plus, think about how it can weigh down your shorts and have them ride lower than you’d like.

Dudes, you do not want your “Dwayne Johnson” to randomly show up (if ya know what we mean) as you’re running by the local park…with children. We’re just saying…

Convenience benefits:

The convenience benefit is pretty impressive with this. These running belts for men can carry things that would be impossible or impractical to do so with just your hands. What type of items does a running belt make convenient for you?

The examples are almost endless.

There’s your phone as we already mentioned, as well as things like car and house keys, ID cards, and sunscreen. Then there are medical items like inhalers. Obviously, they allow you to carry devices to let you run to your favorite songs and even some cash in case you end your run by rewarding yourself at a cafe.

Secondary uses:

Running belts are great for running but their uses aren’t just for the trails. You can also use them for other outdoor and also indoor activities. They can also be used for things outside of exercise. Consider any secondary uses while you look for the best running belt for you.

The best value you can get out of any item is its use.

If that item can be used for more than one thing, that means it holds more value at the end of the day. With that said, running belts clearly hold their value due to being able to use them for more than just running.

What Material Are Running Belts Usually Made Of?

Running belts aren’t all made the same way or use the same materials. A lot of the better belts use the likes of neoprene and other microfiber constructions, plus there’s even one we’ll highlight later that’s made of spandex. The materials of running belts are trying to accomplish two things.

In one way they want to be a snug fit so they hug your waist without bouncing around or riding up. This is important to make sure the belt doesn’t interfere with your running technique and comfort.

The materials also aim to be waterproof. Not all running belts manage this. Many will plan to keep their iPod, smartphone, or other electronics in their running belt. If that’s you, then it’s always important to check the material and make sure it’s waterproof or at least water-resistant.

It might be convenient to carry your phone or enjoy your Spotify playlist while you jog. However, after your wet jog is over, how convenient is a phone with water damage?

What Are The Different Types Of Running Belts For Men?

Even though there is no official categorization of different running belts, when you look through our top 15 running belts for men, you’ll notice something. All the running belts may offer secure pockets and pouches, but not all offer nutritional holders and water bottle storage.

Therefore, we see it like there are two different types of running belts for men. There are running belts with water bottle holders and there are running belts without bottle holders.

Which one do you need? If you’re a sprinter then you don’t need any. You’re lost and you need to go check out sprinting gear instead. Usain Bolt may be able to have a mid-race snack and still beat most of the population, but it’s not needed for almost everyone else.

If you run for longer distances or you’re training for a marathon, then you’ll need a running belt with a water bottle holder. Staying hydrated is important and this will be the type of running belt best suited for you! Alternatively, if you only go for 20 to 30-minute jogs, it won’t be crucial for you to have a water bottle holder.

Get one if you wish, but if you have no underlying conditions it’s not going to compromise your safety if you can’t rehydrate on a short jog. You can choose the other type of running belts – those that just offer a secured pouch for your iPod, house keys, and other gear.

How Heavy Is The Average Running Belt?

Most running belts for men have specifically been made to be light. They normally weigh between a couple of ounces and a couple of pounds depending on the model of running belt you’re looking for. This is also dictated by what you put inside of it, of course.

They are made light so that using them isn’t going to add significant weight and negatively impact your running performance.

Lighter running belts are also more comfortable, so serious runners and amateurs can both enjoy the benefits.

Naturally, if you’re adding your phone, four full water bottles, an energy biscuit, and your car keys to the belt, it’s going to get heavier. However, it’s certainly not going to be heavy enough to prepare you for the Delta Force selection process. They’re light but it’s not going to be a problem – trust us on this one!

1) Nathan Zipster Running Waist Belt

Multiple Available
Waist Sizes
26-40 inch

The first running belt that made it into the Men’s Gear running club is a design by Nathan. The Nathan brand is quite the experts in the running belt scene. This particular one comes available in seven colors. Just beware, choosing some colors will significantly influence the price, so watch out for that.

In total, these running belts for men have four pockets. Two of them are zippered pockets while the other two are open. This is a lot more pockets than standard, but they’re perfect for keeping different items like your car or house key. That’s right, no more running with it tucked in your sock!

Some phones will fit inside the zippered pockets which means you can activate those running apps and start tracking your performance.

The belt is very soft to avoid unwanted irritation and comfortably sits on your waist. Not all of Nathan’s belts come with size options, but happily, this model does. You can pick one up in five different sizes, including a youth size for the future male Olympians of our readership.

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  • Seven colors to choose from
  • Four pockets including two zip pockets
  • Stores multiple items while you run
  • Fits some smartphones
  • Caters for junior Men’s Gear readers
  • Five size options
  • Not all smartphones will fit


2) Amphipod AirFlow Microstretch Belt

Multiple Available
Waist Sizes
28-50 inch

Amphipod is a true heavyweight in this world, so it’s not a shock that they’ll end up on our list numerous times. Their Airflow Micro stretch Belt is one of the best running belts for men today. This belt is ideal for those of you who like to run early in the morning or late at night. Why?

Part of their eight-color selection includes two belts that contain high visibility sections. These help you remain visible in those darker times of the day, thus making you safer. This is by far one of the most low-light-friendly running belts on the market.

The running belt comes in one-size-to-fit-all. This is because it adjusts between 28- and 50-inches.

The storage on this running belt is very versatile. From the outside, it looks like it has just one zippered pocket. However, inside the pocket are dividers to separate items and help you find them quickly. No more earphones tangled around your car keys!

You can also use them to separate your carbohydrate energy bar from your dollar bills.

You can even remove the dividers and expand the pocket to fit larger items. Although there’s no space to store water, we feel this would still be perfect for some serious runners. It’s kind of a given, as Amphipod has added a place to exhibit your number on race day!

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  • Suitable for low-light jogging
  • One size fits many
  • Eight colors to choose from
  • Expandable zippered pocket
  • Trusted and renowned brand
  • Racing number tab
  • No water holder


3) FlipBelt Zipper AW18

Multiple Available
Waist Sizes
22-48 inch

While similar brands may populate this list, there is something to be said about their competitors. This model known as the FlipBelt Zipper AW18 ranks as one of the best running belts for men around simply due to how it’s made and what it can do.

The manufacturers have stressed that this isn’t just a running belt, but perfect for other outdoor activities.

Whether you’re an avid hiker, climber, or another type of adventurer out in the elements, you’ll love it. The belt comes in five colors and five sizes for waists between 22 and 48-inches. Every color and size will include a reflective logo to make you safer during evening runs.

The product will sit under or on top of your clothes and it’s made from a special fabric that expels moisture. The lack of moisture prevents skin irritation, so this is quite important.

It doesn’t have buckles, making it streamlined and capable of sitting tight against your waist and hips.

This prevents any bouncing, discomfort, or unwanted movement during your jog.

It has impressive storage, offering one zippered pocket, three open pockets, and an internal hook to attach your keys. Plus, it has a space for your smartphones of all sizes to allow you the ability to use Spotify as you run and track achievements.

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  • The reflective logo makes low-light running safe
  • Multifunctional for many outdoor activities
  • Five color and size options
  • Wicking fabric expels sweat
  • No buckles keep the belt streamlined
  • Exceptional storage design
  • Can be more expensive than others


4) Amphipod RunLite Xtech 4 Plus Hydration Belt

Waist Sizes
20-48 inch

We’ve started strong, but it might be time to turn up the speed a little with the Amphipod RunLite Xtech 4 Plus Hydration Belt. This is for the more serious runner who needs to stay hydrated during longer distances. They do not offer color options when buying this belt, and it’s a one-size-fits-all design.

Amphipod has chosen Velcro fastening rather than a buckle. This is to ensure these running belts for men do not bounce as you run, nor will it chafe your skin. Any attempt to make it a streamlined belt is offset by their four hydration compartments.

These compartments will store four of their 10.5oz bottles which you do get with the running belt.

If you’re a long-distance runner then this should make you very happy.

It is also cool to note that you can add or subtract the bottles as well as their modules as you choose. You can even change their positioning so they don’t interfere with your stride or comfort. You can rotate them so the bottles sit on an angle or horizontal rather than vertical.

It might be a hydration-orientated running belt but it still offers a zippered pouch with an internal divider for your other necessities. This pouch is also removable and can be moved around the belt as you wish.

Performance runner?

We’ll race you to them! On your marks… go!

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  • Perfect for distance runners
  • Position-adaptable modules and zippered pocket
  • Velcro fastening prevents chafing
  • Includes four water bottles
  • Internal pouch divider
  • One size fits all
  • Bottles make it bulkier!
  • No color options


5) Nathan Running Belt

Multiple Available
Waist Sizes
26-44 inch

Nathan is back again, offering more running belts for men that you’ll enjoy. This model doesn’t come in multiple sizes, rather, it uses an adjustable strap. The strap will cater to men with waist sizes between 26- and 44-inches. The color of the belt is up to you, however, as there are five to choose from.

The belt is made from a lightweight neoprene material so it won’t weigh you down, affecting your attempts at beating your personal best. However, it has got a buckle so you’ll definitely need to wear a shirt while running or be okay with potential chafing.

Night runners will also be interested in this running belt option because it has reflective parts to increase your visibility to drivers.

The storage on this belt lives up to our high standards. Although there are no water bottle modules, it does have two zippered pockets. A lot of these belts usually just offer one zippered pocket so this isn’t something to be scoffed at. These two pockets aren’t equal in size.

One is for larger items such as smartphones while the other is for your keys or any supplement bars. Overall this is a quality running belt that gets the Men’s Gear stamp of approval!

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  • Recognized running belt manufacturer
  • Caters for most waist sizes
  • Lightweight neoprene material
  • Two zippered pockets
  • Reflective parts to keep you safe
  • Five color choices
  • The belt buckle may cause irritation


6) Amphipod AirFlow MicroStretch Plus Belt

Multiple Available
Waist Sizes
N/A inch

Amphipod stuck to its one-size philosophy when designing this running belt. The belt will expand up to four times its original size to cater to men of most builds. It does this using an adjustable ergonomic belt buckle and happens to be available in three colors.

However, it’s likely that only one of these colors is going to appeal to men.

It has one pouch you can choose to wear in the front or you can rotate the belt, allowing you to keep the pouch on your back if preferred. The Amphipod logo has been added to the pouch and acts as a light reflector for added safety.

To be safer during low-light running it may be better to wear the pouch facing the traffic behind you.

It comes with an internal divider to organize whatever items you may want to store as you work up a sweat. Whether that’s a smartphone, an inhaler, or some sun-cream, all items are secured by a zip fastening. This is a much simpler design than some of their performance-type running belts for men.

This would be perfect for newbie runners too – especially considering the phenomenally low price!

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  • Never choose the wrong size!
  • Reflective logo for additional safety
  • Reasonable price
  • Suitable for jogging newbies
  • Internal pouch divider
  • Not as streamlined as other
  • Not ideal for distance runners


7) Fitletic Running Belt

Multiple Available
Waist Sizes
24-42 inch

The Fitletic Running Belt might very well be among the best running belts for men on the market today, but many may not know why that is. They say they offer their product in seven colors but they’re pulling a bit of a fast one with that statement.

All color options are predominantly black with a small part of the zipper being available in seven different colors. Despite the color issue, this belt will be perfect for running, cycling, and other strenuous activities.

Whatever activity you enjoy while wearing their belt, you’ll never experience any bouncing and it won’t ride up your torso as you ride or run. It has been designed to adapt to the contours of your body, removing the ride-up issue.

You’ll be able to keep your smartphone on you as you work out or use it to take that imminent business call.

Of course, you could just play your Rocky music to keep you motivated too. Whatever device you choose to store in your pouch, it will always be safe with neoprene material ensuring it never gets wet.

The belt will also let you attach bibs and store energy gels. The gel loops aren’t often seen among the best running belts for men so don’t take these nutritional features for granted. Overall, this product will be perfect for any guy from the once-a-week jogger who thinks he’s a three-times-a-week-jogger to the serious ironman competitor!

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  • Suitable for all running levels
  • Gel loops to keep you energized
  • Waterproof pouch
  • Bib toggles
  • Exceptional value for money
  • No water bottle holder


8) Amphipod AirFlow Lite Waistpack

Multiple Available
Waist Sizes

Next up is the Amphipod AirFlow Lite Waistpack. This time Amphipod has focused on making running belts for men that are exceptionally breathable. The waist strap has outstanding airflow to avoid a build-up of sweat and skin irritation. If you’re someone who gets irritated skin while running, it’s likely this feature may be your saving grace.

You’ll always remain dry and cool with this model.

You’ll also keep your everyday items close to hand during your jog. It has two pouches for all your essentials. One of these pouches will fit devices such as iPods and smartphones, but the limit is a device the size of an iPhone 6. If you’re looking for a quality one-size-fits-all running belt, this is an awesome option for you.

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  • Outstanding breathability
  • Two pouches
  • One size fits all
  • Perfect for any amateur runner
  • Seven color options
  • Not for performance runners


9) Nathan Trail Mix Hydration Running Belt

Multiple Available
Waist Sizes
28-46 inch

Just like Amphipod made a running belt to focus on keeping you hydrated, the Nathan brand did something similar. Who did it better? Let’s find out. This soft, ergo-shaped belt stretches around your waist to prevent unwanted bounce. It’s fully adjustable to cater to every guy.

It even has reflective parts to keep those night-owl runners safe.

These running belts for men offer two bottle holsters that come with the correct size 10-ounce bottles. These can be accessed with one hand to avoid interrupting your stride. They may have created a hydrating running belt, but they didn’t ignore your need to keep the car keys safe as well.

They added a zippered pocket large enough to store a smartphone or a nutritional boost. The pouch can be extended via shock cords to give you an even bigger pocket capacity when needed. Out of the eight available colors, which one would you choose?

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  • Comes in eight color options
  • Designed to avoid bounce
  • Reflective aspects for safety
  • Zippered pocket with extension cords
  • Two 300ml bottle holders
  • Bottles included
  • Not as compact as other belts


10) SPIbelt Running Belt

Multiple Available
Waist Sizes
24-47 inch

Straight from the company headquarters in Texas, it’s the running belt we want everyone to know about. SPIbelt comes in the most color options out of our top 15 running belts for men list. All 25 available colors range from the subtle to the damn-right quirky.

It’s a one-size-fits-all belt as long as you’re a guy with a waist between 24- and 47-inches.

This belt is actually made from spandex to hug your waistline and not bounce as you fly along the woodland trails. The use of Spandex is quite inventive and not so common. Its sole zippered pocket will fit some of the largest smartphones on the market, including those Galaxy ones.

The pocket is even expandable to accommodate bulkier items. SPlbelt has even claimed that their pouch will fit a passport, so it really is a good option if you’re actually on the run!

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews

  • Extensive color and design options
  • Caters to most male waist sizes
  • Made with hugging spandex
  • Comfortable and anti-bounce design
  • Large expandable zippered pocket
  • Not for distance runners needing fluids


11) Nathan Vaporkrar Running Fitness Waist Pack

Waist Sizes
23-40 inch

You’re seeing a lot of Nathan products, so it might be good to know more about them. They teamed up with an ultra-runner by the name of Rob Kramer. Rob is known for being a minimalist who refuses to wear running belts as he takes on jaw-dropping feats.

However, with Rob’s help, they designed running belts together that even he would wear.

These running belts for men are available in six sizes. Plus, the belts are lightweight and won’t bounce as you run. You can see Rob had a say on a number of things. Despite this, the belt does hold an 18-ounce water bottle.

Nathan is even giving you the water bottle for free when you buy their product!

It has a zippered pouch but it isn’t waterproof, so be careful if you’re heading out on a stormy day with your expensive devices inside.

The perimeter elastic completed with grippers will make sure it sticks to you during the most grueling of runs. If it’s good enough for Mr. Kramer, it’s good enough for us!

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  • The minimalist design remains compact
  • Step-through application
  • Completed with an 18-ounce bottle
  • Zippered pouch
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • The pouch isn’t waterproof


12) Sport2People Running Pouch Belt

Waist Sizes
27.5-40.5 inch

The Running Pouch Belt by Sport2People is a bit different from what we’ve seen so far. These U.S. manufacturers have made their belts adjust between 27.5 and 40.5-inches. This means some bigger men won’t be able to benefit from their innovative and comfortable design.

These running belts for men have two zippered pockets. One is large and the other is a little smaller, but both are expandable. Unlike others, this product is waterproof to ensure your smartphone doesn’t get damaged. It’s perfect for running, traveling, or even a music festival.

It has a lot of nice features such as reflective parts for safety, but it does offer something unique…

It has an earphone access-hole so you can listen to your music or motivational speakers as you clock up the miles. No longer will you have to leave your zippered pocket slightly open and risk damaging the earphone wires as they rub against the zip.

It’s a cool idea and we’re big fans!

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews

  • Unique earphone hole
  • Waterproof manufacturing
  • Two zippered pouches
  • One of the cheapest available
  • Not suitable for some bigger men


13) Sporteer Kinetic K1 Sport Belt

Waist Sizes
24-42 inch

These unique running belts for men are known as the Kinetic K1 Sport Belt by Sporteer.

Imagine the scene…

You’re running to ‘Eye of The Tiger’ and all of a sudden Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ comes on. It can mean only one thing. Your girlfriend has been on your playlist again. Now you have to stop running to reshuffle your playlist and prevent your ears from being in more pain than the stitch in your abdomen.

This belt avoids this inconvenience by offering a front transparent pouch that gives you touchscreen technology. You can change the song, answer a call on speaker, or connect to an app while you jog!

Don’t be led into thinking that this feature puts your device at risk.

It has a sweat-resistant internal liner so it will never get damp. The mesh backing will remain comfortable and the strap will extend up to 42-inches. That means most guys can make use of their cool touchscreen-capable pouch.

It was designed by United States athletes (so you know it’s good) and even comes with a one-year warranty to protect your purchase.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews

  • Innovative touchscreen-capable pouch
  • Sweat-resistant internal lining
  • Mesh backing for breathability
  • Caters to most guys
  • Wallet-friendly price tag
  • Most smartphones will fit
  • No other storage


14) Nathan Peak Waist Pack

Black or Purple
Waist Sizes
26-44 inch

Nathan and their Peak Waist Pack are beloved running belts for men that tons of dudes can’t shut up about. You can get this running belt in black or an imperial purple. These belts cater to men with waist sizes between 26 and 44-inches.

This is a bit different from the rest of Nathan’s range and the other running belts for men we’ve seen. It has two storage compartments. The first is a zippered pocket that is expandable and stretches to keep your essentials safe.

The other storage compartment shakes things up a little.

It has a pocket to fit a 535ml bottle inside. The bottle holder is on the back of the belt and is angled strategically so you reach around with one hand to grab it as you run. You even get the bottle with your purchase! Other impressive features include reflective trims and side panels for a snug fit.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews

  • Innovative bottle positioning
  • Quick-access design
  • Zippered pocket
  • Fits small and large waists
  • Bottle included!
  • Reflective trims for safety
  • Possibly a little overpriced


15) Amphipod RunLite Xtech 2 Plus

Charcoal and green
Waist Sizes

These Amphipod running belts for men may appear similar to another belt on our list, but it’s quite different. First off, it’s available in three cool colors. The microfiber belt adapts to different waists so there’s no crazy size chart to decipher here.

This running belt offers hydration compartments and a good amount of storage, both of which are useful to any runner. There are four slots where you can keep your energizing gels to keep you moving.

This is on top of two water bottle modules for easy-access hydration – you also get the BPA-free bottles too!

You can keep all your belongings inside two internal pouches that can be positioned wherever you like on the belt, or even removed if not needed. Inside both pouches, you’ll find a cushioned divider to keep you organized on the move. We love it, how about you?

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews

  • Combines nutrition with convenient storage
  • Two bottle pouches plus BPA-free bottles
  • Pouch dividers
  • Durable microfiber construction
  • One-size-fits-all
  • Moveable pouches
  • Elbows may hit the bottles


Our Finishing Line

Thanks for making it to our finish line! We’ve had the pleasure of showing you our rundown of what we believe are the best 15 running belts for men available today. You’ve seen some exceptional running belts from the likes of Nathan, Amphipod, and even some lesser-known brands that offer equal quality and even better innovations.

The 15 we’ve featured will be perfect for different guys with different running needs and abilities. Whether you’re just needing to be close to your smartphone ready to take the business calls or are training for Badwater 135, you’ve been thought about

Thanks for running with us today and we hope to see you again for more awesome reviews of the coolest gear soon!

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