Augmented reality may not be as ubiquitous in the recreational space as much as virtual reality headsets are, but it remains a crucial piece of technology for some professionals. Namely, those in the commercial and industrial sectors rely on it for a lot of tasks. Meanwhile, a team of designers envision a versatile concept they call the Rumen.

This innovative head-mounted device is the work of Hoyeon Shin, Siwook Lee, Jihyun Hong, and Seunghyun Hwang. The first thing that comes to mind for most folks when they hear the term augmented reality is entertainment. However, those in the architectural, engineering, design, and medical field use it for more important applications.

The problem with most AR headsets like the HoloLens 2 and Magic Leap 2 is the form factor. Although most are ergonomic enough, these are typically not compatible when users need to wear helmets, hats, and other types of headgear. This is where the Rumen shines with its adaptable mounting system.

It attaches via an adjustable strap and headband. Rubber and foam inserts provide reliable grip as well. Next, instead of a fixed lens, pivot points on the Rumen’s visor let you lift it up and drop it back down with ease. Convenience is an understatement as this likewise allows people to wear prescription eyewear, safety goggles, and other types of facial protection.

LED light strips on the sides to keep the wearer visible in low light, while two rotating flashlight modules illuminate what’s in front of them. The slim profile of the Rumen suggests it needs a separate battery pack to operate. A USB-C port on the rear of the horizontal band is perfect to keep the wires out of the way.

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Images courtesy of Hoyeon Shin, Siwook Lee, Jihyun Hong, and Seunghyun Hwang