Instead of purposely leaking early concepts ahead of the official reveal like most carmakers, Rolls-Royce is usually keeping everything under wraps until the last minute. While we do know the celebrated luxury marque is also developing eco-friendly platforms it might be a while before new updates are coming out. For now, we have the RR X to gawk at and swoon over.

This creative take on what the British carmaker might introduce in the future is the work of Ugur Sahin Design. The recent press releases of the Phantom Syntopia and Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow somewhat hint at the end of production for internal combustion engines.

However, before they close the books on petrol-powered mills, there might be a commemorative model slated to come out. If we had a say on the matter, the RR X would be at the top of our list. The Netherlands-based firm manages to integrate sportier aesthetic elements with Rolls-Royce’s signature elegance.

Most of the time, vehicles like these never make it past the concept phase. Yet, everything about the RR X seems doable with the right team behind the build. The sleek two-door machine exudes sophistication from every angle. The satin silver tone of its exterior dazzles with polished brightware in all the right places.

The coupe also comes with suicide doors which gives adds an edgy vibe to its overall profile. Although not immediately noticeable, the windshield extends all the way back to just above the split rear windows of the RR X. It appears the cabin features a 2+2 seating arrangement with seats, door panels, dashboard, and center console upholstered in red leather.

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Images courtesy of Ugur Sahin Design