It was only the other day when we were thrilled to see Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven and Stay Sea Design come up with a hybrid catamaran concept. The 410-foot Albatross is a project that leverages abundant energy sources to greatly reduce emissions while it cruises across the sea. Royal Huisman follows up with something similar it names the WING 100.

At our current stage of technology, completely sustainable propulsion systems are yet to be developed. Although battery-electric versions of smaller watercraft are possible, it’s not applicable on a larger scale. However, it doesn’t mean engineers cannot come up with ways to minimize environmental impact.

Similar to the Albatross, the WING 100 is a megayacht concept that features sails and solar cells. So far, these are its green credentials. According to press materials, it can reach speeds of 24 knots. Estimates claim it can save 225,000 liters of fuel with the help of its sails.

The masts likewise come with 5,167 square feet of solar panels that can harvest up to 250 kW on a sunny day. This 330-foot aluminum monohull “is a true sailing yacht – not a heavy sail assisted motor yacht – yet one with an important difference,” notes Royal Huisman. “She can be easily and securely handled and quickly deployed without the least fuss or drama.”

The shipyard is calling on Dykstra Naval Architects and Mark Whiteley Design to flesh out its sleek silhouette. Towering over the ship are two 239-foot wing masts to hold its Integrated Sailing System. Motorized mechanisms allow these to rotate hoist the twin mainsails and a whole lot more. The WING 100 can accommodate up to 12 guests across six cabins and a crew of 16.

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Images courtesy of Royal Huisman