Dutch shipmaker Royal Huisman and naval architect Mani Frers’ latest collaboration involves letting customers build their own yacht. Granted, much of the ship will have been built beforehand, but it’s up to you to work with Frers to come up with designs for the hull shape, deck, and superstructure.

An insane proposition, not unlike designing a house with Frank Lloyd Wright himself, you’ll have “almost unlimited potential” to create the yacht that suits your vision. Frers will provide drawings throughout the entire collaboration, including different bow and stern profiles and hull sheer and superstructure designs to help put your yacht dreams into paper.

As much as the exterior of the Royal Huisman Pura is customizable, expect to have the same level when it comes to the interior as well. Frers will give you up to three possibilities for the interior layout, but you’ll still have a completely blank canvas so you’ll be able to have at it with the design. If anything, go berserk — Frers will do his best to create anything you dream up. Maybe. Whatever the result, the interior should provide enough space for up to right guests and six crew members, not including the smattering of high-end furniture you plan to throw in, of course.

The number of possibilities with the Royal Huisman Pura are daunting, but we wouldn’t worry one bit. After all, Frers will be by your side the whole process, and he’s one of the best naval architects in the world right now. Plus, don’t forget that at the end of the day, you’ll have a Royal Huisman-stamped ship.


Photos courtesy of Royal Huisman and Mani Frers