Thrive Motorcycle, out of Jakarta, Indonesia, is arguably the premiere custom shop on the islands. So when Royal Enfield Indonesia gave Indra Pratama and Barata Dwiputra just two months to customize this Royal Enfield Bullet 350, they rose to the challenge.

They decided to take the long-wheelbased, long-distance roadster and turn it into a scrambler style bike that would be more at home in the city. Wanting to keep as much original bike as possible, they took the stock tank and shrank it. This was also done to the side boxes before giving what would end up being called the ‘Moltar’ a new stainless steel exhaust system. As well as reworking the subframe, the ‘Moltar’ was given an oxblood leather seat and a minuscule ducktail to balance the look when ridden.

Thrive Motorcycle also changed the feel of the cockpit with a smaller headlight, after-market throttle, grips, mini-switches, and key ignition. A skid plate and off-road foot pegs helped round off this transformation to prove once again that custom bikes ‘Thrive’ in Indonesia! [via]