Going on picnics, camping, or bringing your own foot to work or school needs reliable utensils. We’re not talking about the flimsy plastic forks and spoons that fast-food chains provide. We’re talking about the set featured in the ROXON C1 Camping Cutlery.

This is close to the standard cutlery you have at home. It comes with a round spoon which is useful for soup, a fork, and a serrated knife. They are also made from durable, stain-resistant, and food-grade stainless steel. The only difference is they are extremely portable. They can be stored in half their size.

The utensils in the ROXON C1 Camping Cutlery fold to half their size so you can easily squeeze them in your pocket, bag, or lunch boxes. When it’s time to eat, simply unfold them to their full size and built-in magnets securely lock them in place. The knife is even strong and sharp enough to cut into steaks or vegetables. 

Not only are they compact but also portable at a combined weight of just 107.5 grams. When opened, the fork and spoon each measure 178mm long while the knife at 166mm long. They come with a mirror-polished finish so they are easy to clean under running water and soup. 

The ROXON C1 Camping Cutlery uses magnet absorption and a bayonet connection to stack all three utensils together so you don’t lose eighter of them. Each comes with a dedicated space at the tip for the magnets to lock in place. It also comes with its own pouch for on-the-go storage. 

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Images courtesy of ROXON