The RovyVon Aurora A26 Pocket Thrower Flashlight is the first thrower flashlight in the Aurora EDC flashlight series. It packs a primary 6500K cool white front LED at a compact size meant for pocket carry. 

This everyday carry measures 76mm L x 21.5mm D at a weight of 50.2g. It’s made durable using stainless steel for the clip, switches, and head while the body is made from lightweight polycarbonate. This one has a focused beam, unlike the other Aurora EDC torches like the Aurora A28 (G2). This allows for a longer beam distance of up to 180 meters (-590 feet) when in Turbo light mode. 

The RovyVon Aurora A26 Pocket Thrower Flashlight also features other light modes aside from Turbo. On the side, it offers three auxiliary LEDs;  4000K warm White reading light, 365nm UV black light, and 625nm Red light, which is useful for emergency situations and in protecting night vision. 

Moreover, this pocket light has a memory function that remembers the last light mode turned on for future use. It activates by rapidly double-clicking on the power switch while rapid double-clicking turns on Strobe-SOS. Clicking on the power button lets you cycle through Low, Medium, High, and Turbo frontal light modes.

Meanwhile, the aux or side LEDs operate similarly. Rapid double-clicking turns on Red from Low mode and UV activates with a rapid triple click. 

The  RovyVon Aurora A26 Pocket Thrower Flashlight runs on a built-in rechargeable 850mAh battery. In the box, it comes with a USB C-A cable, keyring, O-ring, pocket clip, warranty card, and charging port cover. 

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Images courtesy of RovyVon