It’s in our nature to find new ways to tickle our taste buds. Over the years, we have continued the quest to develop unique culinary methods. Depending on how food is prepared and cooked, the results will vary in flavor, texture, and aroma. Perhaps the most popular method many will agree on is grilling, which imparts a one-of-a-kind experience for anyone. Meanwhile, with the help of a rotisserie machine like the ROTO-Q 360, it can elevate the process even more.

Spit-roasting allows you to grill larger ingredients and cook each side perfectly. This is made possible by consistently turning it over so that the heat is distributed evenly. So far, the only problem here is that a manual rotisserie needs somebody to oversee its operation. Some ovens have it integrated and other standalone automated options are likewise available. Yet, these are rendered unusable in off-grid scenarios. Thus, the ROTO-Q 360 addresses these problems and more.

Getting to know the story behind ROTO-Q 360


This versatile and portable rotisserie comes from the brilliant mind of Susie Wen. For those of you who might have not heard of her, she is also responsible for popular products such as the Montel Williams Health Master Elite, Power Cooker, and Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer. Now, her latest project — the ROTO-Q 360 — is ready to innovate how we cook indoors and outdoors.

Ultimate Convenience

With grilling season already in full swing, having the right equipment can deliver remarkable results. Sure, understanding the basics of how to cook food in various ways can go a long way, but add-ons exist to make our lives easier. As such, ROTO-Q 360 is a wonderful solution that does not require electricity, batteries, or fuel to complete its task.

Moreover, this awesome item does not force consumers to upgrade their current setup or gear. It measures 17 inches long, 7.4 inches wide, and 7.4 inches high, which allows it to fit into standard-sized ovens and gas/electric/charcoal grills even with the lid closed (depending on the space between the grids and the top of the interior part of the lid).

Benefits of owning the ROTO-Q 360

Where and How to get the ROTO-Q 360?

If you are one of the many that are impressed by what the ROTO-Q 360 brings to the table, it is currently available for preorder on Kickstarter. In fact, upon checking, it has already blown past its $10,000 goal with more than 2,500 backers on board. Buyers can enjoy a $56 discount off of its $105 MSRP if they act now.

The standard bundle includes the foldable frame, wind-up gear box, and rotisserie rod. The ROTO-Q 360 also comes in three color options: Bronze, Black, and Titanium. Other optional accessories include a rotisserie hot dog cradle, rotisserie cage, steak cage, and kebab skewer. All of these feature a stainless-steel construction for reliable durability.

Get yours now: here

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