What is your go-to form of entertainment at home? We’re sure many also play video games on home consoles or PC. Some choose to watch movies or TV series, while others listen to music. Depending on your audio setup at home, you could have multiple speakers in various rooms. However, for a dedicated space, the Rotel S14 is a great option.

As we continue to note in our articles regarding music playback, thing beats a wired configuration. Modern Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity may have improved over the years, but audiophiles will still recommend the traditional method over wireless. Hence, Rotel introduces its latest all-in-one solution for those who agree.

The S14 is an integrated network streamer that provides access to all your favorite services. Out of the box, all it needs are the antennas, power, and a great set of speakers. Available in silver and in black, the device measures 17″ × 3.63″ × 13.5″ (W x H x D). It should fit in most entertainment cabinets or on top of a table.

Rotel engineers the amplifier to deliver up to “150 Watts of Class AB power.” A color display shows the album artwork and other details about your tunes. These include track, title information, and more. The S14 is Roon-ready with support for MQA and MQA Studio for streaming high-fidelity audio.

It’s also packing an ESS 32-bit DAC and is compatible with AAC and aptX HD codecs via Bluetooth. Physical ports on the rear include USB-A, RCA, coaxial, and optical. Hook it up to audiophile-grade speakers or plug in a premium pair of headphones. The S14 will impress even the most discerning acoustic critics.

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Images courtesy of Rotel