Looking back, the evolution of how people tell the time is astounding. Centuries of staring at the sky finally inspired someone to figure out that the length of a day can be counted. What started out with a stick that was mounted perpendicular to the ground turned into a complex mechanism that boasts incredible accuracy. Only the best craftsmen with an understanding of timekeeping and its nuances were able to earn the distinction of being the first horologists. Now, Rotate Watches gives us the opportunity to build our own mechanical watch.

We admit that the art of watchmaking takes years of to completely master. However, the idea of being involved in some form along the way has been a fascination for many. This is where Rotate Watches shines as it gives us a platform to flex our skills and love for the intricacies of the process. Ultimately, the satisfaction that one gets after successfully assembling their own timepiece is an experience of a lifetime.

What you have here are not your run-of-the-mill wristwatches that ship with quartz movements. Instead, Rotate watches delivers a reliable timekeeper with a robust manual movement. Moreover, given that the user had a hand in its completion, makes it even more special. Thus, take off those smartwatches/fitness trackers and break free from your smartphone and check out all the cool stuff Rotate Watches brings to the table.

Getting to know Rotate Watches

The company behind this brilliant project was founded by Jennifer Zhang and Rebecca Lee. With a team of passionate people who promote the finer points of watchmaking. Zhang describes Rotate as a “woman-owned, minority-owned business based in Los Angeles, California.” This is certainly an impressive aspect that sets it apart from the more established brands out there.

After the Kickstarter campaign launched in November 2019, it was successfully crowdfunded beyond its target of $15,000. Ending at $91,840, it goes to show that this unique approach has captured the interest of enthusiasts and collectors alike. In contrast to even the most premium timepieces in the market, there’s nothing like it that allows an individual to learn, appreciate, and respect the work that goes into each wristwatch.

What’s in the box

As most of you have already seen, it arrives in a minimalist yet attractive package. The Rotate Watches All-In-One Watchmaking Kit is clearly labeled with an image of the model inside. All the items within the box are set secured by two foam layers. The top holds all the parts you need to assemble the watch, while the bottom has all the tools. To get started, just follow the comprehensive guide and enjoy the sophisticated fun along the way. Nevertheless, you can always reach out to them to get some help when in a pinch.

Details about the timepiece

For those who want to know more about the watch, there are three models available to suit different tastes. Each one shares some common features with some aesthetic alterations to set them apart. The case measures 44 mm and the straps are 22 mm. Protecting the dial is a sapphire lens that provides high visibility and resistance to bumps and bruises from everyday use.

Meanwhile, the exhibition case back gives owners a glimpse of the ETA 6497-1 model 17 jewel mechanical movement. Additionally, it touts a power reserve indicator to let you know when it needs winding. As for the dial, sub-dial, and indices, it varies depending on the variant of your choosing. The minute hand is in silver, while the hour hand is in gold.

The Wright – This version is great for people who want a stealthy dark dial with a stylish brown PU leather strap. The indices are in silver which matches the case and contrasts the black background.

The Edison – The second one to sport a silver case, but comes with a white dial. The indices are in gold and these pair nicely with a black suede leather strap. Overall, a subtle yet elegant choice.

The Galileo – As the name already hints, what sets it apart from the other two is the mesmerizing blue dial. Its gold case allows the color to draw attention even more and is further enhanced by its blue PU leather band.

Truly one-of-a-kind

Rotate watches evidently appeals to those who love DIY projects that they can do in their free time. It does not matter which version you get because each offers the same delightful experience. This is a concept that is somehow without equal right now.

We believe that this will make a classy gift for friends and loved ones who love to tinker around. Not only are they getting an enjoyable activity, but the completed item will also quickly become one of their favorites among their collection. For a small fee, you can even customize the strap for a more personal touch.

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