We’ve been bringing you the latest developments in the luxury yacht scene and most of these deal with sustainability. If sails, solar power, organic materials, and hydrogen fuel on vessels no longer seem impressive, how about advanced artificial intelligence? If so, the aptly christened No Stress Two is a sleek 164-foot monohull recently delivered to its owner.

At first, we thought this was just another concept to showcase the potential of machine learning and how it can equate to minimal or no environmental impact at all. Just keep in mind that the superyacht is not completely emission-free. However, its hybrid system should be more eco-friendly, nonetheless. So, what does it do differently?

The No Stress Two is the first of its kind from Rossinavi which relies on AI to monitor various aspects of the vessel in real time. For example, its main function is to always keep the battery systems at optimal levels. Furthermore, it can purportedly communicate directly with the crew to ensure all operations are within the permissible thresholds.

Hence, it’s safe to say this ship is a significant step in the right direction for a greener future. Its silver silhouette flows with aggressive yet clean lines to denote a sporty vibe. According to Team For Design’s Enrico Gobbi, “I wanted the boat to be in motion even when it is at anchor, combining long curves always in tension, and streamlined bridges that recall the wings of a jet.”

The 30-foot-wide beam translates to larger spaces inside and outside the No Stress Two. Take the aft beach club wherein the transom flips open and turns into a social space with various forms of recreation and entertainment. In addition to its electric propulsion, a diesel generator is also available when the situation calls for it.

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Images courtesy of Rossinavi