The Rony Dual-Headed Flashlight is not your ordinary torch with a single beam output. As its name suggests, it has two light source. Thus, making it great for big groups out on adventures in the dark. It not only illuminates the path ahead but also behind.

This quintessential tool features both front and rear beams making it easy to share the light. It has a front Cree LED lamp angled straight ahead and a rear “biom g4 5v” LED on the rear that points downward. It powers on via a touch-sensitive button and offers five output levels that range from 20 to 1,500 lumens for the front light. The backlight is set at 300 lumens.

The front beam of the Rony Dual-Headed Flashlight has a sharp focus. But the rear is diffused to better illuminate the ground and can even be shut off when not in use. This portable torch runs on a rechargeable 4200mAh battery that takes approximately three hours for a full charge. Best of all, the built-in battery doubles as a power bank for other portable devices like a smartphone. 

This must-have survival tool works great as a bike light. The rear light makes it easier for riders to be visible to other drivers. It is even IP67 water-resistant so it can take a few accidental splashes but is not entirely soak-proof. 

The Rony Dual-Headed Flashlight comes in three finishes. The brushed aluminum has a matte coating, the anodized aluminum in a darker color, and the carbon fiber for a visual and tactile feel.

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Images courtesy of Rony