Camping in frigid temperatures requires reliable outdoor gear that offers protection from the cold. Warm clothing is a must and so is a durable tent that packs light but tough against unpredictable weather conditions. This is where ROMR Gear, a small cottage company nestled in the picturesque Kootenay region of British Columbia, is making waves.

ROMR Gear builds on its adage, “in the world of outdoor adventure, where gear is not just a choice but a statement,” to design their groundbreaking innovation: the Elite 2 Tent. Under the visionary leadership of Keirin Shaw, the brand looks to redefine camping comfort, sustainability, and minimalist design with the Elite 2 Tent.

The Elite2 Tent: A Game Changer in Ultralight Camping

Elite 2 Tent

ROMR Gear looks no further than the wilderness as the inspiration behind this innovative camping gear. The mountain ranges and pristine forests that flank Kootenay’s remote location serve as the perfect backdrop for a company that aims to provide consumers with the best outdoor adventure possible. The Elite 2 Tent is a testament to this goal with its robust, yet lightweight construction guaranteed to pave the way for more adventures to come.

Moreover, being a passionate advocate for quality and durability, Shaw ensures the tent only uses premium materials and that it has undergone rigorous testing so it can “withstand the elements and endure the rigors of the wild.” The company’s focus on durability assures users that they can rely on outdoor gear that performs exceptionally, providing not just “peace of mind and the confidence to explore without limitations,” but also countless good memories.

Elite 2 Tent

All these considered, the Elite 2 Tent makes great outdoor gear for various reasons. First, it redefines the concept of a lightweight tent. At just 1.27kg (2.8lbs), it literally falls under the feather-light category. Yet, it’s designed for tough outdoor adventures as it boasts a durable build that stands firm in the face of inclement weather.

The Elite 2 is constructed out of a combination of aerospace-grade materials and innovative design elements. It’s a revolutionary four-season single wall hybrid tent meticulously designed to handle the harshest alpine environments to make it not just durable but also waterproof and windproof.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Elite 2 Tent

The Elite 2 Tent is a testament to ROMR Gear’s “commitment to making a positive impact on the environment” by providing gear for “responsible outdoor adventuring.” As Shaw said, “We believe that the future of outdoor adventure lies in sustainability. Our products are designed to maximize durability and minimize waste, ensuring that adventurers can enjoy nature without harming it.”

As such, the Elite 2 Tent uses 20D Sil/Poly for its base and fly. This is a high-quality light ripstop recycled polyester fabric with silicone coating on both sides.  This material boasts great strength and stretch resistance, so it does not collapse and still offers protection even when slightly damaged.

Elite 2 Tent

Using Sil/Poly in a tent also allows maximum width coverage of the fabric to accommodate more people. The Elite 2 Tent spans a full width floor of 50″ x 86″ and can accommodate two people. It also comes with convenient double vestibules spanning 30” and dual vents accessible from the inside for steady ventilation.

Elite 2 Tent


Meanwhile, high-quality, strong, and stable DAC Featherlight aluminum tent poles makes for a lightweight carry. Packed down, the tent only measures 16” long and 5” wide. As with the unpredictable mountain weather, The Elite 2 Tent also sets up fast thanks to an intuitive design complemented with numbered components. This way you don’t waste time on the assembly and spend it more on relaxation and exploration.

Elite 2 Pro

Elite 2 Tent


The Elite 2 Pro comes with all the great features found in the Elite 2. The only difference is in its construction and weight. It is lighter at merely 0.95 kg (2.1 lbs.) and crafted from a mixture of materials.  The fly is made from 1oz Dyneema while the base is Sil/poly. These materials make the Pro version a high-performance tent that is ultralight, 100% rainproof, and resistant to sagging even when subjected to varied temperatures.

Check Out ROMR Gear’s Elite 2 Tent: HERE