Rolls-Royce is a name that’s respected by many as the pinnacle of luxury and exceptional performance. Moreover, the company is likewise recognized as a designer and provider of durable and powerful engines used by aircraft and marine vessels. In 1907, the brand established their automotive legacy with a car that would eventually be called the Silver Ghost. Moreover, that specific vehicle was recognized by the industry as “The best car in the world” and rightly earned that reputation ever since.

In recognition of its accomplishment, Rolls-Royce plans to offer a special version of the iconic car. The Silver Ghost Collection is very limited run with only 35 custom-built units planned for release. Each one of these exclusive models will feature a sterling silver Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament. The familiar figure will sit on a base furnished in black gold and copper marked with AX201—an homage to the original unit’s registration plate.

Dressed in a special Cassiopeia Silver coat, this luxurious machine is an elegant sight to behold. To match the opulence of its exterior, the cabin is decked with open-pore wood, Forest Green leather, and generous splashes of silver accents. Your attention will immediately fall upon a striking analog clock installed on its dashboard. The automaker reveals that the timepiece’s encasement was crafted from hand-beaten solid silver. We know that Roll-Royce always includes bespoke umbrellas hidden within its door frames—these ones come in silver paired with open-pore Tudor Oak for the handles.

Silver Ghost Collection

Photos courtesy of Rolls-Royce