Rolls-Royce is in such a prestigious level of regard wherein each vehicle that rolls out of its assembly line is a mechanical work of art. In fact, you’ll find it almost impossible to find someone who will disagree. Just in case, there is, show them the Phantom and its latest Gallery selection – the Carbon Veil

This luxury saloon is by no means lacking when it comes to elegant appointments. In fact, every aspect of the Phantom boasts the highest level of craftsmanship. Everything from the exterior to the interior just oozes with refinement. The cabin is about to get even more opulent with the help of Alastair Gibson’s Carbon Veil Gallery.

The artist and sculptor loves to work with a composite that’s popular in the automotive scene. Carbon fiber is the go-to material for manufacturers who want outstanding strength-to-weight properties. This time, Rolls-Royce is turning it into the Carbon Veil — a purely decorative trim for its ride.

“The Carbon Veil has been specially developed for the Gallery area in the fascia, a feature unique to Phantom, where owners can choose to display an original work of art or design,” according to the press release. It consists of 150 carbon fiber layers that are in a complex arrangement to form a distinct geometric pattern.

“It required a huge amount of experimentation to produce the Carbon Veil Gallery. The main challenge in creating the shape was ensuring that the weave of the carbon fibre remained horizontal and parallel throughout. It had to be perfect – because this is a Rolls‑Royce,” said Gibson.

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Carbon Veil Style Carbon Veil side Carbon Veil Gallery

Images courtesy of Rolls-Royce