The Rolling Stones are probably the most culturally significant band in history, with only the Beatles able to lay a claim to rival that title. Aside from rocking the world for 50 years, The Stones are the very symbol of rock and roll, whether that is the excesses or the music. As wannabe rockstars, that makes them instantly cool to us, and any time a Stones hit comes on the radio that bluesy vibe always gets us.
You do not have to be a “fan” of the Stones to enjoy the band, they have crossed the divide into general public conscience and paraphernalia from the band is seen as chic and cool. The 50th AnniversaryRolling Stones Gift Set ($90) is the perfect piece of Stones merchandise, and it is true to the form of the band and rock and roll.
In honor of boozing to wild excess, the 50th Anniversary Rolling Stones Gift Set comes with Crystal Head Vodka (carved like a skull!), a crystal top decanter carved with the Slip of the Tongue logo, and a display case. The set does not forget the music either, boasting a great double disc live compilation album for you to rock and party the night away.

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