Rolling Square’s AirCard may just give AirTag users a run for their money. This is a slim, card-sized Bluetooth tracker that easily slips inside your wallet or other valuables for easy tracking in case you lose or misplace them.

This tech leverages the Find My network from Apple to provide precise location tracking from anywhere in the world using iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. Utilizing the Find My app or Siri lets users set a sound for the tracker. The sound emitted from the device is 20% louder than an AirTag (from 105 dB speaker) so it’s easy to locate your wallet whether it’s hiding nearby or buried deep in your bag. 

Rolling Square’s AirCard even offers other useful features including the Left Behind Reminder which provides immediate notifications through Apple’s Find My app whenever you accidentally leave your tracker behind. It also allows users to share the device’s location with up to five people.

Moreover, it functions as a digital business card thanks to its built-in NFC technology and a visible QR code on the front. Users can store their digital business cards, business contacts, and social media links and share them using the manufacturer’s proprietary platform. The same platform also comes in handy when you activate the Advanced Lost Mode for situations when you can no longer track you wallet.  

Users can include a message and provide their return address on the app so they can easily be contacted in case someone finds their wallet and scans the AirCard’s QR code. Then there’s the anti-stalking feature, which sends a notification warning users if someone tries to track their whereabouts using the device, and the RFID blocker, which safeguards your data from illegal scanning. This device keeps you connected with an impressive battery that lasts up to 30 months. 

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Images courtesy of Rolling Square