If your bank balance shrieks in protest every time you buy a pack of cigarettes, you may well have switched to rolling your own. Buying tobacco to roll your own cigarettes can seem like a genius idea at the time, but when you’re sat with a pile of papers and tobacco you‘ll probably wish you’d spent the extra dollars and bought cigarettes instead. But fear not! You can have your cake and eat it – or in this case have your tobacco and smoke it – because we’ve got a line-up of electric cigarette rolling machines that might just save you a whole stack of time.

Have you heard of automatic cigarette rollers before? Not everyone knows they exist, but if you want to easily roll a huge stack of cigarettes without staining your fingers yellow, an electric cigarette rolling machine is the answer. Whether you only smoke a few cigarettes a day or you are a chain smoker, an automatic cigarette roller can save a huge amount of work. Aside from saving your fingers, there are other benefits too. A fully automatic cigarette maker is capable of quickly rolling a big stack and you can pick the size of your smoke too. This means you don’t have to stick with smoking the same size cigarettes as many electric rollers offer the ability to choose your own.

Home-rolled cigarettes can save a huge wad of dollars, but the inconvenience of having to sit and make your smoke each time can be a big deterrent. Using an automatic cigarette roller you can quickly and easily create your own pile of smokes, without having to spend hours wading through a mountain of tobacco and papers. You can quickly recoup the money spent on buying an electric roller by the amount you’ll save by switching to home-rolled rather than packs of pre-made cigarettes. Ready to give it a whirl? You’ll need to know more about the best electric cigarette rolling machine so read on to find out what we think…



Hawk-Matic® Home Use Electric Cigarette Injector Rolling Machine

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Hawk-Matic® Home Use Electric Cigarette Injector Smoke Tube Injector is an automatic cigarette injector. It has a smoking tube that holds king-sized tobacco and 100mm size tubes of cigarettes. And the machine’s aluminum alloy mechanism and soldier ensure its durability while it operates with a whisper of noise. The flip-top hopper contains enough to make 6 – 7 smokes before replenishing!

Regular smokers know—there’s nothing like a great cigarette to complete the perfect day. That is until your hands shake so violently that it ruins everything. But this game-changer promises an easy and comfortable way to enjoy smoking without any mess or fuss!
Introducing Hawk-Matic® Home Use Electric Cigarette Injector Smoke Tube Injector.

Made with a whisper-quiet mechanism and durable design, this machine injects tubes of smoke quickly and easily every time you need one for that hardworking crew. All your favorite smokes are available at record speeds— simply flip open the hopper door on top and you’ll have enough to last all night long! So ditch those old tobacco tricks in favor of something useful.


What is an electric cigarette rolling machine?

 Even if you’ve never bought it yourself, you’ve probably seen the pouches of tobacco for sale. These are used to make hand-rolled cigarettes, in combination with papers or paper tubes. This is a less convenient option than pre-made cigarettes but the cost is substantially lower. In fact, some experts estimate that you could save as much as 90% by switching to tobacco and rolling your own! However, for many the inconvenience of having to make each cigarette is enough to deter them from choosing this option – but could electric cigarette rolling machines provide the answer?

 Electric rolling machines do the hard work for you; all you need to do is load them up and press a button and voila! A rolled-up cigarette appears just like magic. It’s possible to find electric rollers for all budgets and there are compact versions which are portable too. Some designs have extra features but they essentially all carry out the same function: rolling cigarettes to save you doing each one by hand. Each roller creates one cigarette at a time but some models can store more tobacco so you can quickly make more without reloading. This makes it possible to build up a stash of cigarettes in a relatively short space of time.

These rollers work by using a loading dock, the place where you insert the tobacco, and a holder for the paper tube. In between is some kind of mechanism, often an injector, which takes the tobacco from the loading docks and inserts it into the tube.

 Do automatic cigarette rolling machines work?

 An electric cigarette roller may sound like the perfect solution to the hassle of rolling your own, but the question remains: do they really work? There are lots of gadgets and gizmos available that sound great in principle but don’t deliver on what they offer. The good news is that electric rollers don’t fall into this category – they really do what they promise. Of course, the quality of the end product depends on the model you buy and not all are as good as others.

You don’t need to spend a small fortune to find an electric cigarette roller that does what it promises. Brands such as Powermatic have lots of experience in creating top-quality electric rollers and are fairly reasonable on price too. If you’re not sure about which model to purchase, check out the reviews. Other smokers are usually brutally honest about the performance of the product and you’ll get a far better idea about how reliable the roller really is.

An electric roller offers a quality that’s not generally possible when you’re rolling a cigarette by hand. With the ability to compress tobacco, you’ll get a finish which looks almost professional. Wastage is also kept to a minimum too but it can take a little while to master the technique. If you don’t end up with decent cigarettes at first, it’s worth persisting as it can take a few practice attempts before you get the machine to work how you want.

 What types of rolling machines are available? (auto/manual?)

 There are both manual and electric cigarette rolling machines available, with the latter being the more expensive of the two. If you’re looking for a helping hand with rolling your own cigarettes, a manually operated machine won’t offer a huge advantage. This is because there are so many variants which affect the end result, and it still requires effort on your part to get the job done. If you struggle with hand strength or fatigue, a manual roller may therefore not feel like it helps a great deal. Manual rollers also tend to be messier too, and the finished cigarette is rarely as neat and precise.

Electric rollers are generally more expensive although it is possible to find budget buys which still turn out a good performance. There are large and small models available, including those which are deliberately designed to be portable. The machine does all the work; once you’ve loaded it up it’s simply a matter of flicking the switch. Electric rollers tend to be “injector” machines; this mechanism compresses the tobacco and ensures each tube is tightly filled. This mechanism uses more tobacco but the end result is a flawless cigarette which offers a satisfying smoke.

 What to look for when buying an electric cigarette rolling machine?

 There are a vast array of electric cigarette rolling machines available on the market but if you know what to look for, you’ll be able to get the pick of the bunch. Many machines are made from metal or plastic, or sometimes a combination of both. Metal tends to last longer but it’s also heavier and typically more bulky too. Plastic can also be very durable but steer clear of designs that are flimsy, particularly if you’re likely to be subjecting your electric roller to very regular use.

If you’re more accustomed to smoking pre-made packs of cigarette, you won’t appreciate the beauty of being able to customize your own smoke. Some rollers are capable of producing a variety of sizes, including a whopping 100mm cigarette. You can also specify whether you want a loose or a tight pack on the tobacco, another factor which will influence the end result. Look out for cigarette rolling machines that offer variable tensions and can also accommodate different size tubes.

Speed is the other main reason why smokers opt for one machine rather than another. Not all rollers operate at the same speed but rapid rolling isn’t always better! If you’re keen to have a cigarette roller that’s capable of higher speeds, check out the reviews to make sure the quality doesn’t suffer. If you’re a heavy smoker, a higher-speed machine would certainly be a big benefit, but if you end up with unusable cigarettes as a result, it’s a false economy.

What are the benefits of automatic cigarette rolling machines?

 The most obvious benefit of an automatic cigarette making machine is the convenience it offers, saving time as well as hassle. One of the biggest drawbacks of buying tobacco other than packs of cigarettes is the effort and inconvenience of rolling your own. An electric roller removes these barriers by taking on the hard work. Creating your own cigarettes is quick, easy and with the minimum of fuss when you opt for a rolling machine.

A cigarette roller is more than simply convenient however, as some users suggest that the quality of roll-ups produced is far superior than those done by hand. With the ability to control how tightly you pack in the tobacco, the roller can create a cigarette which is precisely to your own requirements. This includes the size of the cigarette as many rollers are able to accommodate a variety of lengths. If you prefer a longer smoke, all you need to do is change the settings to create a full 100mm cigarette.

 If cost is one of the biggest priorities for you, then paying out for a machine may seem like a bad idea. However, not only are there devices available for very little, you’ll also save money on the tobacco too. Sound insane? Not at all; when you use an electric roller there’s very little wastage so you’ll find that tobacco goes further than when you’re rolling by hand. Add in the fact that papers don’t tear as easily and you’ll soon see those savings starting to rack right up!

Tips for using automatic cigarette rolling machines

Every machine is slightly different and even experienced users may need to practice for a while when moving to a new brand of electric roller. Some of the most common problems experienced include the cigarette not being packed tightly enough/packed too tightly, the paper ripping or the tube popping off the holder during the process. Although you might feel ready to chuck the whole machine out of the window, count to 10 and try again; these are all common problems that are easily resolved. Honest…

For cigarettes that are either packed too tightly, or where the end product is loose and has gaps, it’s simply a matter of adjusting the amount of tobacco you’re using. If the pack is too tight, load a little less tobacco and if it’s too loose, then put more in. If there is a space in front of the filter, pay extra attention to the amount of tobacco in the corners of the loading dock. Not having the right amount of tobacco can also be the cause of the paper ripping, or it could be that it’s unevenly distributed. Having the right amount of tobacco evenly spread across the loading chamber will resolve most of the teething problems you might be experiencing.

To stop your tube popping off the holder when you’re about to load up, try making sure there’s no debris in the way. The machine needs to grip onto the tube firmly and if there’s residual tobacco from previous cigarettes getting between the tube and the machine tip, it won’t be able to make a strong connection. Many electric rollers come with a brush and it’s a quick job to give the machine a quick clean. Hopefully you should find this resolves the problem once and for all.

 Roll up, roll up!

It’s entirely possible to continue rolling your own cigarettes without any assistance from a machine. However, it’s fair to say that even with practice you’ll never get the same results, or the same precision finish. Electric rollers can take a little bit of getting used to but once you’ve gotten the hang of things, you’ll never want to go back to rolling your own. Guaranteed.

An automatic cigarette rolling machine gives you the ability to make a big stack of smokes well in advance of when they’re needed, without taking much effort or input from you. Simply load in the tube and the tobacco, press a button and whoosh! All done. It really couldn’t be any easier. Of course, not every cigarette roller will suit everyone and there are different features on each. Choose lightweight designs if you’re keen to take your roller on vacation, or invest in a heavyweight model for a permanent fixture for the home.

We hope this guide has helped walk you through the features available on some of the most popular models on the market, and explained what to look for when you buy an electric cigarette roller. If you’re ready to start rolling, then don’t wait any longer – head out to find the perfect cigarette roller that could make life that little bit easier. Your hands will thank you for it!