A major factor in the undying appeal of Rolex watches is the resale value. Owners often hold on to their timepieces and hand them down to family members, but others eventually sell them off. It could be directly to friends or via a third-party establishment. However, the watchmaker is finally ready to offer a Certified Pre-Owned service.

The problems resellers and buyers contend with are counterfeit items and uncontrolled prices. Even though a strong demand for certain silhouettes can bloat the value, it can also deter potential clients. As such, the Swiss group is finally catering to the secondary market with its Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) system.

With this in place, it should help ensure that what’s on offer is the real deal. Rolex will initially roll out the program for its authorized distributors in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Denmark. Other markets will soon follow in 2023, hence, it’s better to wait than splurge for one right now.

What makes it a better option over other trusted providers is the official certification from the company. Certified Pre-Owned units will ship with a special seal to indicate Rolex deems them genuine. Enthusiasts face reports of fake examples that are meticulously crafted to an exceptional degree that even the trained eye cannot differentiate from an original.

Therefore, collectors can finally have the assurance of authenticity. Moreover, each watch includes a Certified Pre-Owned guarantee card and a two-year warranty card. “Because they are built to last, Rolex watches often live several lives. Rolex offers the opportunity to purchase previously worn timepieces that are certified as authentic and guaranteed by the brand,” writes the watchmaker.

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Images courtesy of Rolex