Watch collectors come in all shapes and sizes, but what matters the most is their taste in aesthetics. Traditionalists will often seek timepieces that sport classic looks or vintage examples as well. Meanwhile, those who are more open the avant-garde have a wider range option available to them. To cater to the tastes of the latter, Roger Dubuis is taking a colorful approach time around with Excalibur Blacklight. It might not be evident at first glance but there’s more to it than the eye.

Only a few will see exclusive release in select boutiques which will almost immediately make these highly sought-after for anyone who can afford them. Roger Dubuis is apparently partnering with one of Hong Kong’s renowned neon sign masters – Wu Chi Kai – for the Excalibur Blacklight. The watch itself is already remarkable with its 42 mm white gold case that comes with round diamonds on the bezel.

Within beats Roger Dubuis’ self-winding RD820SQ movement in clear view under the sapphire crystal. The skeleton dial showcases mesmerizing mechanisms of its 167 components which are all meticulously hand-finished. This calibre takes 530 hours to complete and boasts a 60-hour power reserve. However, a timepiece this luxurious will likely always stay on your wrist all the time.

At daytime, the Excalibur Blacklight oozes with elegance, but the fun begins when night arrives. In the absence of light or when UV-reactive sapphire elements glow in several colors. Moreover, the rubber strap is likewise luminescent and adds a soft glow that enhances the whole package. We want other watchmakers to introduce more fun into their lineup much like what Roger Dubuis is doing.

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Images courtesy of Roger Dubuis