As a motoring enthusiast, it’s always sad to see remarkable vehicles never make it past the concept stages. Some even already have working prototypes that have undergone testing, yet the plug was pulled for reasons unknown. Thankfully, things are looking up for the FZERO as the hypercar hits the track to showcase its capabilities.

This menacing race-ready machine is a project helmed by Rodin Cars. The company is based in New Zealand with its facilities located in the vicinity of Mount Lyford. We first caught wind of this project in 2022 when insiders shared details about its development. It’s likely many have dismissed it as just another ambitious venture doomed for failure,

However, it seems the team behind the FZERO just pushed on despite the criticism and has progressed remarkably beyond expectations. According to reports, the track tests were held at the firm’s headquarters where the hypercar had access to three curated circuits designed to push it to the limit. Unfortunately, the results are still under wraps.

Nevertheless, those interested can check out Rodin Cars’ official YouTube channel for videos of the run. As it stands right now, the FZERO is engineered to compete against established marques in the hypercar segment. If the renders already fired you up, then you’ll be glad to know that the prototype retains the aggressive elements that made it awesome.

Its construction uses 3D-printed titanium and carbon fiber to make it as lightweight as possible without compromising its structural rigidity. At the heart of the FZERO is 4.0-liter RC.TEN V10 mill paired to a 130 kW electric motor. Completing the hybrid powertrain is an eight-speed sequential titanium gearbox produced by Rodin Cars and Ricardo.

On paper, the FZERO is capable of a 1,013 bhp and 516.3 lb-ft of torque output. The manufacturer did not publish the track test results, but the hypercar can theoretically hit a top speed of 224 mph. Pricing and release date are not yet available, but expect this bad boy to cost a pretty penny when the books are open.

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Images courtesy of Rodin Cars