Rockwell Model T Razor 2
Multi-blade cartridges cut hairs below skin level, and – contrary to what you (and we) thought until now – that’s not a good thing because it can often mean curling & bending of the hairs as they grow back, which leads to skin irritation and painful razor bumps. The Rockwell Model T Razor ($94) offers a solution, by utilizing a single blade design and a dial that allows you to adjust the perfect cutting angle for your individual facial hair.

This dial is so simple and ingenious, it makes us wonder why no one has ever thought about it before! It features a 1 through 6 setting system, so users can customize the shave to their skin type and facial hair length: for sensitive skin – rotate the dial to positions 1-3, for thick & coarse beards use 4-6 settings. In addition, the razor has a nice weight & balance to it, a durable chromed brass exterior construction, coated brass internal components, and a knurled handle for secure grip. The Rockwell Model T works with any double-edge blade on the market, but with the 100-pack of blades they include with the purchase, you should be covered for at least 2 years of shaving.

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