Ten years after the launch of the original Rockstead NEHAN folding pocket knife, the knife maker has upgraded this world famous model to even stronger, more rugged standards. While the look is the same as the original, the new version of the NEHAN Japanese Folding Knife (2,400) has a blade made of ZDP-189 steel (said to make great slicing knives and all-around EDC tools) that boasts a classic mirrored finish.

The handles come in two durable synthetic materials. The MB model has ‘Artificial Marble,’ a material used in kitchen countertops, while the ER ‘Ebonite’ is common among high-end fountain pen construction. Inside are fixed titanium liners to ensure the long-lasting durability of the tool.

The sculpted handle uses Rockstead’s signature process that hides the fastening screws and allows the look of folds in a kimono to provide aesthetic design and a firm gripping surface. The blade can retain an edge for years and Rockstead even offers a professional resharpening service when it does finally lose a bit of edge.