Like they say “boys will be boys” which is why we never really outgrow our childhood interests. Although some men eventually shift to other hobbies and activities, remote-control replicas still hold a special place in our hearts. Since the holiday season is already here, this 1:6-scale MB Scaler from ROCHOBBY should delight both kids and adults alike.

It is perhaps one of the most highly detailed models we’ve seen in a while and there’s a good reason for it. “2 years in the making, the MB Scaler is the result of dedicated research through countless historical photos and documentation,” notes the manufacturer.

Cool nuances such as the fold-away windshield, articulating steering wheel, and functional lights elevate the experience. “Dedicated to the soldiers who served with this legendary vehicle, the ROCHOBBY MB Scaler was designed to be the most accurate radio controlled MB on the market today,” adds the company.

The sense of realism is on another level. In place of leaf springs are hydraulic shocks, while the beadlock wheels are shod in high-grip tires with period-correct treads. Look closer and you’ll see that the axe and shovel on the left flank feature fabric straps.

ROCHOBBY goes the extra mile to bring the interior to life with its labels, levers, and seats. 1:6-scale soldiers can also fit perfectly. The MB Scaler measures 20.89” x 10.16” x 10.63” (L x W x H). It features a 12.67” wheelbase with a 1.60” ground clearance.

We’re definitely playing with this bad boy, but others are likely putting it up for display. ROCHOBBY has a wide range of RC vehicles and accessories available. If the MB Scaler is not your cup of tea, check out their catalog for more.

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Images courtesy of ROCHOBBY