What typically comes to mind when we talk about travel trailers is the unmistakable silhouette of an Airstream. It has become a household name and its lineup has already established a firm foothold in the market. However, options are abundant and if what you need is something modest yet rugged enough for a bit of overlanding, the ALD09 might just be the ideal add-on to your adventures.

It’s great to see the recreational vehicle scene is also actively adapting to the need for sustainable systems. The fact that more EVs and plug-in hybrids are on the roads than ever before means the planet-friendly shift is in full swing and will continue in that direction spearheaded by the automotive industry. Thus, companies like ROC Trailers are ready to supply us with a variety of advanced off-grid platforms.

Their ALD09 series starts at $16,999 and touts several standard features alongside an add-on package for extended outdoor stays or full customization should the client choose to do so. Each unit is constructed with durable yet lightweight materials and composites for all-season action. Moreover, the exterior is designed to withstand the elements and comes with top-notch UV and moisture ingress protection.

To help it traverse rough terrain alongside your SUV or pickup truck, the ALD09 is outfitted with a robust axle-less independent suspension and a 20″ ground clearance. The living spaces within the caravan are illuminated by LED lighting to show dual-purpose shelving/bunk bed and a plush 6″ x 57″ x 80″ mattress.

The galley is accessible via a hatch on the rear and is built out of powder-coated aluminum and stainless steel. ROC Trailers can likewise equip your ALD09 with a deployable 100W Renogy solar panel and a Renogy 10A Voyager solar controller. Finally, custom wraps can be applied and are available in Stone Gray, Desert Tan, and Army Green.

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Images courtesy of ROC Trailers