Perhaps we have all gotten used to the convenience brought about by the tools we use in the shop or home. In fact, anybody who uses one can easily switch between various brands and models and operate it without any problems. Unfortunately, this means manufacturers are afraid to make drastic changes which can alienate users. Thankfully, the folks from Robbox are willing to take the risk and deliver an innovative piece of equipment. Those with a penchant for DIY projects will find the xDrill one versatile piece of gear.

What looks like your average high-torque tool is actually an all-in-one affair that could be groundbreaking. Just like how we love certain EDCs that includes almost anything we might need at a moments notice, the xDrill embodies a similar approach. As the name already hints at, this primarily functions as indicated. However, it packs some unique features that put others to shame.

There are those who just want to slap a touchscreen on anything and label it as a smart gadget. The xDrill does exactly that but backs up the claim with a collection of functions that make everything so much easier. It shares a recognizable appearance as with many cordless drills with some notable exceptions. To our surprise, the rear section houses a round LCD capacitive touch panel.

The DrillPoint Coordinates function uses a set of lasers to guide you with pinpoint accuracy over your target. Meanwhile, the depth control option will automatically stop the drill according to your specifications. Then there’s the digital level that also comes with custom angle leveling. The xDrill is shaping up to be one awesome crowdfunding project.

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Images courtesy of Robbux