There are a lot of things to consider when you are ready to commission the construction of your superyacht. Shipyards typically present buyers with their portfolio of existing silhouettes or offer to design a bespoke blueprint instead. Once you square everything off, what comes next are the extras. ROAM’s latest addition – the Landing Craft – might be what your vessel needs.

Most superyachts are already brimming with luxurious appointments, jaw-dropping amenities, and more. However, in addition to fully customizing every aspect of their ship, owners are also equipping it with other means of transport. Depending on the size and spaces available, we generally see choppers, submersibles, water toys, tenders, and cars.

Some have garages that can accommodate a huge collection of exotic rides and other mobility platforms. However, not all can deploy them if the port cannot accommodate gargantuan vessels in the first place. This is where the Landing Craft shines. This multi-hull tender can ferry your vehicles from ship to shore.

This 28-foot catamaran’s construction uses aluminum and boasts a sizeable open deck. The 10.5-foot wide beam is versatile enough to haul more than just your four-wheeled machines. ROAM says it “doubles as a refuse and equipment area, people carrier, dive platform or even, an alfresco dining space.”

Loading and disembarking the Landing Craft is virtually seamless via the discrete door. The ramp is adjustable to make it easy to compensate for the tide and motion of the waves. ROAM is outfitting it with two Mercury V6 engines at 175 horsepower each for a total of 350 horsepower. It can cruise along at 20 knots and max out at 28 knots.

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Images courtesy of ROAM