Classic automotive design is as impactful as ever with carmakers regularly revisiting their vintage catalog for inspiration. Contemporary vehicles may be superior when it comes to performance and aerodynamics, but the timeless appeal of silhouettes like this Short Wheelbase from RML Group may even surpass that. 

This is not up for debate given how they’ve engineered the Short Wheelbase with modern methods. This means, that despite the old-school looks, the build uses the best materials you can get from the market today. Moreover, aside from its distinct styling, this coupe is packing more than enough for the avid motorsport enthusiast.

To start off, under the hood of this mechanical masterpiece is a Ferrari 485-horsepower V12. The engine bay is at the front of the Short Wheelbase which also comes with a six-speed manual gearbox. Motoring purists get to enjoy full control over their shifts to take it up to 180 mph.

RML claims the Short Wheelbase can reach 60 mph from a standstill in less than four seconds. The manufacturer is not banking on good looks and a solid powertrain alone. Obviously, optimal weight management can do wonders for sportier platforms.

As such, underneath the exterior coat of its sleek outline is carbon fiber. Another wonderful aspect the company addresses is the interior volume. Taller occupants were always at a loss when it comes to exquisite rides like the Short Wheelbase. RML assures owners that up to a little over 6 feet can comfortably fit.

The cabin decor is exquisite and packs premium features. Electronically adjustable seats and steering column, a hidden touchscreen infotainment unit with wireless connectivity, and an AC system engineered to withstand blistering temperatures in the Middle East. Only 30 examples of the  Short Wheelbase will see production.

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Images courtesy of RML Group