The exquisite River’sTone speakers are the result of a collaborative effort by Japanese company Anodic Supply and Michio Sakamoto. Featuring a perfect combination of cutting-edge craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technologies, the premium speaker system is handcrafted and hand-wired using only superior quality materials.

Solid Gold River’sTone Speaker SystemRiver’sTone by Anodic Supply and Michio Sakamoto

The use of solid gold for the body may seem like a bit of an overdo, but the choice is actually a perfectly justifiable engineering choice. The expensive material ensures unparalleled sound clarity by lending remarkably low “longitudinal elastic modulus/density” to the speakers.

Thanks to its minimalist design, the system does not fall into the opulence trap, but rather helps make a strong style statement. With its bi-amplification technology for woofer and tweeter, River’sTone delivers amazing sonic pleasure every time.

Customers can opt for personalized system grills, which can be embellished with diamonds for an extra touch of glamour. A silver version is also available for anyone who feels that gold does not go well with their home decor. But if the gilded variant is what you prefer, then you should be ready to dish out about $5 million for the Japan-made system.

River’sTone The World’s Most Expensive Speaker System River’sTone Speaker System, Gold and Diamonds