Brooklyn studio Jumbo looked to the distinct shape of the fortune cookie for the design inspiration of its aptly named furniture, Fortune Chair. Created for Heller Furniture, this plastic armchair playful reinterprets the all-too familiar circular shape of the cookie usually served in Chinese restaurants.

The design brings back fond memories of cracking open a fortune cookie and the anticipation felt in finding out your fortune written in a slip of paper hidden inside. But more than its playful silhouette, the chair’s distinct shape also makes it easily adaptable to any situation.

The Fortune Chair features a bilateral symmetry, which means it retains its shape even when it’s flipped over. Jumbo founders Justin Donnelly and Monling Lee tells Dezeen, “Our studio is always looking for ways to make objects that are more reductive than those that have come before. One way we do this is to push symmetry, especially bilateral symmetry.”

“The human body is not bilaterally symmetrical, so we have developed several tricks to make this work. By puffing up the forms, these simple, platonic geometries can become much more comfortable.”

The Fortune Chair was initially planned to be made from aluminum. But Heller president and CEO John Edelman suggested the use of plastic instead in 2022. Using plastic makes it feasible both for indoor and outdoor use. The furniture was constructed using over 25% of recycled post-consumer plastic (recycled plastic polyethylene blend) and is also 100% recyclable. Using rotation molding and double-walled construction, it renders an organically shaped seat that allows movements. It has a continuous surface that provides arm and back support, no matter if you’re sitting upright or slouching.

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Images courtesy of Heller Furniture