Speakers come in many shapes and sizes. If you can and want to pick out the subtle acoustic nuances of any music track, you’re better off with a pair of audiophile-grade headphones. On the other hand, if it’s just to fill spaces with awesome tunes, then Semblance has something cool for you to consider. This is the Breeze Block and it’s exactly what you think it is!

Even when you’re already jaded by out-of-the-box designs, this strange yet oddly appealing audio product might just be the most understated one yet. If you’re spending big bucks for speakers that advertise out-of-this-world sound along with premium craftsmanship, people expect these bad boys to stand out.

If discretion is on the table, Semblance knocked it out of the park. Just a passing glance and the Breeze Block will never give up its secrets. However, the jig is up only when you know what to look for or if someone aware of the gimmick points it out. Kudos to whoever was behind this clever contraption and its name.

True to what Semblance is calling it, we’re looking at a decorative masonry unit that’s packing two 3.5″ full-range Dayton 8-ohm ND90 drivers. The speaker is rated with a frequency response between 63 to 15,000 Hz along with an analog crossover filter and rear-firing bass ports. It’s vented enclosure measures 17.7″ x 9.5″  x 9.1″ (W x D x H). Weight was not disclosed but we know it’s hefty.

The Breeze Block supports Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio playback and comes with a 3.5 mm auxiliary port as well. The materials used are concrete and 3D-printed PLA components. Semblance has crafted a unique speaker with respectable specifications. Finally, the product page reminds us this is for indoor use only.

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Images courtesy of Semblance