When it comes to furniture, you don’t have to go big and bold. You can opt for minimalist yet fully functional and multipurpose. Take this mirror by Medium2 Studio simply called Flip Ironing Board Mirror. 

As its name implies, the mirror transforms into an ironing board by just following a few simple steps. It’s simple and practical and definitely doesn’t take up a lot of space in your home or wherever you put it. Designed in collaboration with @unipapa_official, a renowned Taiwanese design brand, it combines the utility of a full-length mirror with an ironing board.

This integration provides an innovative solution to the common problem of storing heavy and cumbersome ironing boards. The key in the transformation of the Flip Ironing Board Mirror lies in what the team called as the “adjustable span transition.” Whereas “an ironing board requires a large span to ensure stability during ironing” a full-length mirror only needs a smaller span to minimize space usage.

The team then designed a structure with an adjustable span. This mechanism allows the board to effortlessly adjust its span and transition between its two functions with ease. A metal attachment at the back allows the frame to seamlessly flip and remain stable during use, whether you’re crisping an attire or checking out your outfit in the mirror. 

This interconnected structure simplifies the operation and enhances convenience. Moreover, the Flip Ironing Board Mirror adds an elegant interior design in your home. It’s for those who embrace a minimalist lifestyle and cherish multifunctional and space-saving furniture pieces.

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Images courtesy of Behance/unipapa