Are you finally ready to purchase your first e-bike? If so, you will face a market brimming with choices unlike before. It may seem daunting at first, but as long as you know exactly what the two-wheeler is for, it narrows down the selection process. Those seeking a durable platform for unbridled fun on or off the road are in for a treat with the 512 First Edition.

The overall shape of its frame might lean toward a motorcycle at first glance, but the pedals say otherwise. This is a common design found on most rugged e-bikes these days and Ristretto balances it out with angular edges and curves. The 512 First Edition is also available in Bronzo, Green Shusterman, Arctic, and Black Pantera colorways.

Depending on personal tastes, buyers can also pick between the A20 or A24 variants. Keep in mind that these differ in chassis and wheel sizes only, which means performance and features are on par across the board. The manufacturer fabricates the frame out of 6061 T6 aluminum via a proprietary process. This ensures an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.

A mid-mounted electric drive motor rated at up to 4,500W of peak power supports two modes. In Street Legal, speed is electronically limited to 28 mph, while Race unlocks that to 40 mph. The high-efficiency BLDC Gen 3 CYC unit comes with a tuned controller and can deliver up to 185 lb-ft of twist.

Powering its electronics is a 1,550 Wh battery pack contained with a sleek aluminum alloy housing. It holds enough charge to provide the 512 First Edition up to 45 miles of range on throttle-only. Switch to pedal assist and it reaches about 100 miles. An Apple AirTag slot is likewise integrated for anti-theft purposes. Which of the two versions are you getting?

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Images courtesy of Ristretto